Top 10 Horror Movies: 2010s

Top 10 Horror Movies: 2010s

Only a few years in, and this decade is already shaping up to be a classic. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 horror movies from the first half of the 2010s. WARNING: Contains mature content. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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47 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies: 2010s

  1. Jake G 2187 says:

    My Top 10:

    10. The Babadook- 7.5/10
    9. The Conjuring 2- 8/10
    8. Insidious- 8/10
    7. Under the Shadow- 8/10
    6. Split- 8/10
    5. Don’t Breathe- 8.5/10
    4. Sinister- 8.5/10
    3. The Conjuring- 8.5/10
    2. The Wailing- 9.5/10
    1. It Follows- 10/10

    Honorable Mentions:
    *Green Room- 7.5/10
    *The Cabin in the Woods- 7.5/10
    *Evil Dead- 7/10

  2. Ricsi Vili says:

    Karácsonyi sikerlistás horror-krimi néhány megmaradt példánya 30% engedménnyel és egyéb extrákkal a szerzőtől megrendelhető!

  3. saddiq ali says:

    cabin In the woods 2 please. it can be in space or in the hood I don’t care

  4. Esteban Morfín says:

    most of them are only saddistic. Good horror movies don’t need so much blood.

  5. Gay Retard says:

    the cabin in the woods was fucking retarded

  6. meditating010 says:

    Cabin in the woods was a silly flick IMHO

  7. Applefreak says:

    Where is It Follows?

  8. Anthony Fantano says:

    the conjuring is trash and not scary

  9. Scalpkiller77 says:

    No mention of movies such as "Curse of Chucky", "Maniac", "Wolfman" or "The Lords of Salem"?! o_O
    My 2017 updated "2010 so far" Top 10 Horror movies:
    10)- Wolfman
    09)- The Lords of Salem
    08)- Maniac
    07)- The Curse of Chucky
    06)- World War Z
    05)- The Cabin in the Woods
    04)- 31
    03)- The Conjuring
    02)- The Conjuring 2
    01)- Evil Dead

    Honorable mentions: "Insidious", "Annabelle", "Poltergeist", "Scre4m" & "The Texas Chainsaw 3D"

  10. Milky Poison MMD says:

    VHS 2 has a dog dying which personally would not make it a good movie at all to me. I can handle horror movie deaths but when it’s a dog? Fuck that.

  11. Nick Oats says:

    The conjuring and the conjuring 2 are scary as shut

  12. Eliane Paulino says:

    que filme ´eesse das três meninasque suicidam?

  13. Tristan Howard says:

    I love how in evil dead after the girl has slit here tongue she can still speak perfectly. Fucking idiots.

  14. خالد الحميدي says:


  15. MaryAnne Achieng says:

    Let me in was ok, but I didn’t find it particularly scary

  16. Wulbulbul Lubbubwublub says:

    Number 1: the elections

  17. Robert Sanchez says:

    Fricking like The Cabin In The Woods
    The ending where all those monsters came out

  18. Shen Khaling says:

    where is Justin bieber?

  19. MorganW 893 says:

    I just watched the conjuring and it left me with more questions than answers. I must have been born in the wrong era, because I’m just not into the ghost, haunting theme that everyone is into these days.

  20. Sauron 7777 says:

    wheres the Babadook?

  21. Hifaz Hamza says:

    Piranha was a total bs movie. I`d rate Insidious #1 for the soundtrack, concept, and the story.

  22. azguitar says:

    This review is all over the place.

  23. Leo Bergmiller says:

    I’m guessing this list was made before 2014 because The Babadook is one of the most expertly made horror films of the new millennium and maybe of all time, and no I’m not overhyping it. It’s that good.

  24. Tiakitai Raill says:

    No Babadook?

  25. xxPRO-DG-2 xx says:

    Evil dead is so underrated. It’s such an amazing movie

  26. cheyenne anderson says:

    Cabin in the woods is like the best thing

  27. DarkSpeedRuns - Horror Game Videos says:

    my favourite horror films of all time in no predict order

    1. black christmas 1970
    2. the burning 1980s
    3. the possession
    4. evil dead remake
    5. lights out 2016
    6. dont breathe
    7. re animator
    8. the descent
    9. brain dead (favourite)
    10. the ring
    11. six sense
    12. the exorcist
    13. exorcism of emily rose
    14. insidious 1/2/3
    15. cabin the woods
    16. dead snow
    17. return of the living dead
    18. shaun of the dead
    19. dawn if the dead

  28. zach.843 says:

    friend request it way better than all of these

  29. DH Gaming says:

    This was the worst fucking list ever

  30. BlackOsamaOnline says:

    HELP what movie is the horror movie where some girl transfers to a new college and makes some friends and tricked them to watch these curse video tapes by telling them she wanted to film their reaction for a school project .once everyone started watching the tapes they started dying off one by one and at the end the girl tricked them to going to a cemetery where the other kids left died then It was revealed that she made them watch those tapes on purpose so.She can sacrifice them and at the end she switched to a new school and asked some new friends if they wanted to make a reaction video

  31. MrPlayinthevillain says:

    With maybe 2 or 3 exceptions. This is a terrible list

  32. through yourlover says:

    As a big fan as well growing up to the first Evil Dead I liked the remake, but admit it was as scary as the first one. The first is still creepier with it’s twisted demonic humor and the way the demons just grin the whole time along with the spead up timing when they attack instill a feeling of anxiety as well fear. I really did enjoy the remake, & would be honest the opeing scene to it was the scariest creepy part out of the movie for me.

  33. darkespeon64 says:

    im here out of desperation to watch something new thats not a youtube video

  34. Diet Dr. Kelp says:

    The sinister 1 is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever watched

  35. Yasuo Mains says:

    So you want to tell me that unicord are terrible creatures and i was living my whole life in a lie ???

  36. Dean 343 says:

    I sidious better than sinister are you on crack

  37. Candii Cookies! says:

    were is The Forest? awesome movie

  38. Kartair says:

    what about The Boy

  39. I am the one says:

    I really love horror cinema, I have seen all horror movies considered good movies, including classic and modern ones, and also I have seen many others not very famous or even of independent horror movies, my favourite one is definitely the shining but also love so much sinister, don´t know why, although is a normal movie not very different from other modern ones it has something that makes feel happy, comfortable, with the videos and the music in them, I don’t know, it makes feel so good

  40. Wilson Sauls says:

    The thing that James Wan does really well is creating and developing characters that are actually likeable and takes time to develop them BEFORE all the scary stuff happens.

  41. Stefan Olsson says:

    I watched Cabin in the Woods to early. I hate/love being scared, and thought it would be a good one to watch. I could see what they were going for but I thought it was dumb. I probably jumped once idr, so I’ll give it something.

  42. dreadghoul Deborghou says:

    Where the fuck is Dark Skies. That was one creepy scary motherfucker. I saw the conjuring, It was alright, but Dark Skies is on a different level.

  43. CuFa says:

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