Top 10 Horror Movies 2016

Top 10 Horror Movies 2016

An Top Horror Movies 2016
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Top 5 horor movies 2017

Another top 10 horor movies 2016!

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49 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies 2016

  1. Mollypop 123 says:

    Hush is alright not scary more chilling and good to watch

  2. Jenny Babe says:

    I’m EXTREMELY picky with movies, like some times it takes me hours to find one I like.. I hate repetitive bullshit like zombies and action movies and fuck boy movies I like horror movies, good horror movies because there’s usually a good twist that isn’t predictable and I don’t get scared I just actually get into it.. All these movies look like ass other then the conjuring and darkness and 10 cloverfield lane. Yeah that’s why I don’t go to the movies because if I don’t like it then it was just a waste of time and that’s usually every time lol.

  3. MLGDOOD101 says:


  4. nabeel baloch says:

    dont breath is the best movie
    hush is good
    plz dont watch the boy its waste of time boring af

  5. Tap says:


  6. Lilly P - Ducky says:

    The Boy is my favorite horror movie.

  7. Joseph Hoffman says:

    My thoughts on all these films

    The Woods/Blair Witch sucked. The last 10 minutes were pretty scary but the rest is so boring.

    The Conjuring 2 was great. It has really great suspense and only uses jump scares when it serves a purpose.

    Hush was really good. It had really great moments of suspense. It also had smart jump scares

    Don’t Breathe has the best suspense of any of the films of this year. The suspense is breathtaking. Also have very little jump scares.

    The Shallows takes the crown for scariest shark film. It has great suspense that it never dies.

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is one of the most stupid horror films I have ever seen. I don’t know how this is considered a horror film.

    The boy is one of the better doll films out there. It has descent suspense at its disposal and even gives you chills at some points. The twist ending sets it apart from the average doll film.

    The Neon Demon sucks. It has very poor story line and very underdeveloped characters.

    The Darkness is so stupid. Most of the scares are terrible and the film doesn’t have any moments of suspense. It’s a waste of time to see.

    10 Cloverfield Lane is so intense. The suspense will kill you. It is a twisted physiological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

  8. Mollypop 123 says:

    I’ve seen conjuring 1 and 2 I live them they are making conjuring 3 I can’t wait

  9. Casscia Kantor says:

    Most of those seem like Thrillers/Suspense and The Neon Demon. Yeah I guess thats a horror film in the same way Twilight was a horror movie…

  10. mr Stevenson says:

    is this in any sort of order

  11. nirmal austin says:

    no 1 is not horror at all…

  12. kenansel81ww says:

    o my god that music in the last so hilarious hahhaha

  13. tarun bhatt says:

    This is the best list which I have seen till yet… but conjuring had to be in top 2

  14. Hamza Zuberi says:

    god can’t help you ??? what the ****

  15. We are Rapper says:

    mistake 1 movie is conjuring 2 not 9th

  16. Rafiel Rosario says:

    Hush was actually really good. The whole idea of a girl who can’t speak would live in the woods by herself it’s stupid. But it was really good

  17. Just4 Fun says:

    can someone suggested me A good horrer movie of 2016??

  18. StabbyMcBlade says:

    so as you can see from this clip, 2016 was a real shit year for horror films…

  19. Shaun Kelly says:

    No The Wailing? No Under the Shadows? No Lights Out?

  20. mrmcracken9887 says:

    is get out a good movie?

  21. Holly Golightly says:

    10 Cloverfield Lane is not horror, suspense, sci-fi and fantasy. The Conjuring 2 is horror.
    It’s a lost genre. Horror, is hard to find these days.

  22. MAN PAN says:

    number one super fail….

  23. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, im new on youtube and i just started doing horror movies
     list, so check my list of best horrors for 2016 if you want 🙂

  24. 00syaoran says:

    aside from conjuring 2 ( which i also considered boring), these fils cant be considered horror. lol

  25. W Kongngeon says:

    Light out?

  26. neo 184568382 says:

    I really teared up at the end of your video when I heard the Titanic song on the flute. I think I’ll watch that. Later.

  27. Hamda Barakat says:

    lol the music at the end!!!!????

  28. aceofthekings 1 says:

    These are the worst movies ever only one movie was good and it was the conjuring 2 fuck your videos thank god your opinion doesn’t matter.

  29. The Nameless says:

    the darkness was really bad and stupid and It was the worst of the year

  30. Miguel Filipe says:

    Lmao the end song XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  31. adaywithaleks says:

    Aweeeee, when you have watched every movie on this roundup and don’t have any new suggestions to go after..🙋😓😂

  32. Slycargo Bravado says:

    the woods was weak as piss movie scary my ass so predictable

  33. killin dan says:


  34. mark torres says:

    good list.

  35. Me OnlyMe says:

    cinemabox or showbox

  36. Thato Morare says:

    The boy is such a shite movie, holy damn. Good build up, good plot twist but shite overall

  37. sunny 850 says:

    pride prejudice zombies is the worst movie

  38. Nerissa folkers says:

    omg today is 16 september

  39. nabeel baloch says:

    dont breath is best of all

  40. Jacky XCool says:

    Don’t Breathe should be #2

  41. TruthHound says:

    Nice little song at the end lmao

  42. Mollypop 123 says:

    Conjuring 3 is to do with he newest oujia

  43. Random Videos says:

    Most of these movies are shit. Why the hell is the Conjuring 2 at no. 9. ????? The darkness has a 4% rating for god’s sake!!!

  44. Blue fistgamer says:

    Guys I will till you a good website to watch movies for free it’s call

  45. Mollypop 123 says:

    The woods reminds me of blaire witch

  46. Y@$ M! N € says:

    Don’t breath…hush conjuring 2 …are the best .

  47. conie faderanga says:

    lol good ending flute play 😂

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