TOP 10 Horror Movies of 2016

TOP 10 Horror Movies of 2016

TOP 10 Horror Movies 2016

00:04 Summer Camp
02:20 The Woods
03:50 Emelie
06:06 Bite
07:37 Ratter
09:54 Lights Out
12:16 The Purge: Election Year
14:44 The Swallows
17:18 Don’t Breathe
19:56 Hush

TOP 10 Horror Movies of 2016

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48 Responses to TOP 10 Horror Movies of 2016

  1. Helal Choudhury says:

    the woods is aka Blair Witch

  2. Kira Franklin says:

    the second one is blair witch not the woods

  3. Martin Clement says:

    BITE was absolute utter garbage… Definitely one of the worst movies I ever saw .. and this list isn’t that good either.
    Probably a 12 yo that made this list

  4. courtney nicole says:

    i’ve seen lights out

  5. Troy Knighten says:

    The Woods or Blair Witch or whatever you want 2 call it sucked ass all the Blair Witch movies sucked ass. I loved Lights Out and Don’t Breathe why is The Witch not on the list

  6. Micilo 419 says:

    Most of those movies were shit

  7. Charise Caralde says:

    everyone dead?

  8. Efren Rivera says:

    What this song 0:02

  9. Andrea Doniz says:

    Isn’t the second trailer from Blair witch

  10. Cupcake Magic says:

    The last one is not scary trust me u watched half of it and its not scary what im trying to say is HUSH IS NOT SCARY

  11. mart weghorst says:

    most of these are shit

  12. aashish vishwas says:

    add 2017 horror movie list

  13. Andrew Powell says:

    Emelie looks like the one I want to see.

  14. Efren Rivera says:

    what this song please 0:02

  15. Krystal Riollano says:

    don’t breathe was the best movie last year.edge of seat screaming rocking back and forth 10/10

  16. Gael Ramirez says:

    Blair Witch wasn’t as scary as "The Blair Witch Project" but it was a satisfying movie

  17. budly says:

    thats all fine and dandy but how do you know what the top 10 movies are 2016 are and you published this in july of 2016. thats just silly

  18. Hi my name is says:

    lol the purge? not scary at all

  19. Madeline Anby says:

    So that’s what happened to the original Mandy milkovich

  20. The wicked Mind Decoder says:

    i cant blame the shark dude; i would have taken a bite out off that surfer girl yammie πŸ˜€ lol

  21. veronica carlson says:

    The shallows 9 don’t hold your breath 8 hush 7. Hush was made on a low budget and I don’t remember it that well but during one part it’s like they just changed things because they didn’t have any money or the location anymore or something. The rest look like they suck

  22. Micilo 419 says:

    How do you have all these ass movies but not include the conjuring 2?

  23. Oedipus Rex says:

    you got no choice no taste at all

  24. goodfella wiseguy says:

    Purge anarchy fuckin sucked, but god was that senator or whatever smokin hot yummie

  25. amnezija says:

    Hush and Dont Breathe are very very good.

  26. X Komunikate says:

    Why am I watching this shit at 1am??

  27. smartysmart10 Aj says:

    Backyard looks like The Last of Us kinda

  28. Vikash Mishra says:

    do you remember The Howl

  29. ian hoffman says:

    Dakel 3: The Underling is far and away the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in years. It’s crazy that Dakel got one sequel, not to mention a second, considering how terrible both of those were.

  30. Julian Lopez says:

    man why did the guy with the glasses get infected or something it was the 10th

  31. Zarain AriSe says:

    top 10 of 2016, but posted in July? Really? And in my opinion most of the movies on this list are pretty boring and some of the best movies that came out last year are missing…Nice try though…

  32. Muskan Dua says:

    these movies don’t even touch the s of scary

  33. justin bruce says:

    Surprised sadako vs kayako wasn’t on the list but it did release in August but trailers have been leaked months before

  34. Dr. Venom s says:

    that first movie was obviously Blair witch not the woods

  35. Zoe the Tumblr meme says:

    dont breathe was an amazing movie

  36. Vince Grant says:

    ok this is possibly the worst collection of low budget horror movies. complete trash. 22minutes of your life you wont get back if you watch this trash.

  37. FiRe FaZe says:

    Lights out is nmmr1

  38. Kama Hass says:

    God pomaranczowe

  39. Kama Hass says:

    who like horror movies???β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜

  40. Vincent Vang says:

    Lights Out was a waste of time. I never got scared of that movie at all. The ghost was too overpowered that it was unrealistic and stupid. That piece of shit movie was some cheap reboot of Darkness Falls. Now Darkness Falls was truly the scariest and still today it is. The sounds the tooth fairy made haunted me since I was a child.

  41. D N A says:

    HUSH… The best one

  42. Master Chief says:

    LOL WHAT? Where is Conjuring 2 and 10 Cloverfield Lane?!??? These 2 are the scariest movies of 2016 for sure!

  43. cunt bag says:

    zombies are played out man
    unless it’s walking dead, gtfooo

  44. Andrew Demetrius says:

    Number 1 should be Donald Trump winning the US election with Teresa May’s face very close up in second!

  45. al en says:

    i watched Don’t Breathe two times

  46. Fasalado 001 says:

    the #1 spot is the first horror movie i saw ever and ir was 3 days ago!! i loved it!!

  47. Gael Ramirez says:

    3:42 "The Woods" what?? u mean "Blair Witch"

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