Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

WARNING: Contains mature content.
Oh the horror, the horror! Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 horror movies of all time. Follow us at, and

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47 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time

  1. Superduperbonniefred Dude says:

    Pin this

    and you’ll get more subs than pewdiepie 😛

  2. Mitchell says:

    WHERE IS ALIEN???!!??!?

  3. C CupcakeLove says:


  4. Merp Merp says:

    Here’s KEEMSTAR

  5. Arthur Benington says:

    This list sucks

  6. stop motion dude says:

    come on where’s the ring or child’s play

  7. Joseph Simkus says:

    The original Evil dead….when the girl is guessing the cards and becomes possessed. Or, when the swing stops bumping the house….scared the living shit out of me. Also, the dead don’t die, another horror movie from the early 80’s gave me nightmares for sure.

  8. Matthew James says:

    Carpenters The Thing and Cronenbergs The Fly should be on here

  9. RogerTaylor Vevo says:

    I watched the shining at age 11 it messed me up lol



  11. Simon Brady says:

    My list(top 5):
    1.The Silence of the Lambs
    3.The Shining

  12. floris voorthuijzen says:

    Saw V. is the best horror movie eveeeeeer

  13. JackBulletz says:

    "the terrifying & suspenseful, The Birds" lol yea right

  14. rocketshootingdi 6 says:

    and that’s why you don’t babysit kids

  15. Distinctively Collective says:

    Phantasm is amazing

  16. Azzip says:

    How the hell could they forget about "Alien"? The last time I watch a list made by these idiots…

  17. JakeyBoy9210 says:

    You can’t leave out amityville horror and poltergeist

  18. Richard Bain says:

    My Top 15 Horror Movies
    15. Terror Train (1980)
     14. The Funhouse (1981)
    13. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
    12. Psycho (1960)
    11. The Birds (1963)
    10. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
    9. Child’s Play (1988)
    8. Freddy Vs Jason (2003)
    7. Stephen King’s IT! (1990)
    6. Phantasm (1979)
    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    4. The Exorcist (1973)
    3. Halloween (1978)
    2. JAWS (1975)
    1. The Shining (1980)
    Honorable Mention
    Any Pauly Shore movie!

  19. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, im new to youtube and im making videos about horror and i would rly appreciate if u check some of my content 🙂

  20. Tamzid Rahman says:

    how about birdemic

  21. Elena Sanchez says:

    Where is the Ring at least put the Japanese version

  22. Joseph Simkus says:

    The exorcism of Emily Rose?

  23. Miss Sharpblade says:

    FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!

  24. slavko cacic says:

    HERES JOHNY!! I love that part I am so weird

  25. Zalistarr says:

    The amytivvle series is the longest horror series not Friday the 13th

  26. ZoomerKitty101 says:

    When I first watched Jaws my dad said the main character looks like his dad if only he would have a mustache

  27. John Buntin says:

    what have you done to his eyes!?!?!!!

  28. Nathanimation says:

    Why does Jack Nicholson always play the crazy characters

  29. Louis G Patterson says:

    What about Silence of The Lambs?

  30. Rodgey 1998 says:

    1) Halloween
    2) Psycho
    3) Evil Dead 2
    4) A Nightmare on Elm Street
    5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    6) Dawn of the Dead
    7) The Thing
    8) The Hills Have Eyes
    9) The Shining
    10) The Babadook

  31. August Kvitberg says:

    I think SAW

  32. The Phantom of The Oprah says:

    Where’s the emoji movie?

  33. DreadScythe 95 says:

    Where is Silence Of The Lamps?

  34. Outleteon says:

    Silence of the lambs ? The bride of Frankenstein? I still respect the list because of Psycho being #1 definitely deserves it !

  35. Tom Shatz says:

    This is a great list. Although, I think that Halloween belongs at the top. The music! It sets a tone unlike any music in any other movie. I admit that I have never watched the Exorcist, though. I can barely watch the clips without having nightmares.

  36. Freak Omnivore says:

    Good list

  37. Erin Thode says:


  38. James Sawyer says:

    fridays my favorite franchise and I can’t even agree with part one being on here it’s a fun film by all means but not a top ten all time (part 4 is the best Friday in my opinion)

  39. LukeBailey182 says:

    Personally I would like have seen hellraiser in here. Not even an honorable mention.

  40. Viktória Derzsi says:

    omg 10.

  41. Pamela Haskell says:

    The Collector series! Made his own zombies!

  42. Ariel Ruh says:

    also bad versions of suicidemouse

  43. Tom Shatz says:

    One of the hardest things for horror movies to get right is the ending, and the Ring has the best/ scariest ending of any horror movie.

  44. Oscar P says:

    no poltergeist? wtf

  45. Chris Martino says:

    hell raiser not mentioned fu

  46. Scalpkiller77 says:

    What about "Poltergeist"or "An American Werewolf in London"?! My own list:
    10)- The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    09)- Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
    08)- A Nightmare on Elm Street
    07)- An American Werewold in London
    06)- The Exorcist
    05)- Halloween
    04)- The Thing
    03)- Poltergeist
    02)- Jaws
    01)- Alien

    Honorable mentions: "The Blairwitch Project", "The Shining", "The Haunting (1963)…

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