Top 10 Horror Movies Since 2000

Top 10 Horror Movies Since 2000

Hey there guys,here is my top 10 horror movie list,my first top 10 and i hope many more lists will come in the next weeks,but until then,get some popcorn get yourself in front of your screen and enjoy.

List starts at 0:18 if you want to skip i will leave an annotation aswell 🙂

I would like to inform you that this is my opinion so do not yell if you do not see your favourite movie,game,or whatever …*no spoilers :P* in the Top 10,or some things I didn’t include that everybody thinks it’s the best or if everybody already knows that it is the best…it would be a to obvious list.So this is my explination.Hope you will enjoy 🙂


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50 Responses to Top 10 Horror Movies Since 2000

  1. JaySean Delos Santos says:

    the orphan.

  2. rtyu says:

    check out ella

  3. Isabella Fondino says:

    Is Roby Zee Italian?

  4. Paradox220 says:

    [rec] Is the same movie as Quarantine
    Quarantine Movie Preview
    Quarantine Movie Preview

  5. Fennec says:

    Stopped watching once the Carrie remake came up.

  6. Marko Marjanovic says:

    U fking stupid pise of shi t.

  7. Saffire Skiez says:

    Great choices!!  I’d like to see more of the screen used to show the movie tho.  I find that u get much more of fear factor that way…cuz there’s less to distract u.

  8. Nomad Wanderer says:

    this is so .. i get it, you must not have seen many. OR must be very young. ITS COOL. what matters is that you keep watching. thanks. M.

  9. Jonathan tyson says:

    Im going to check some of these out. thanks for the post!

  10. Sabiha Senel says:

    Ahhhh Rec ,Orphan, The Uninvited & 1408. Love love love them♥

  11. lazyis hardwork says:

    Grave Encounters is a bit slow in the beginning but there’s moments of humour. It builds the atmosphere; when it takes off though in the last 40 minutes or something it’s not bad. It’s about 70% handycam though which can be distracting. 13 Ghosts wasn’t too bad.

  12. Mondo_rap says:

    Good man 😉

  13. DailySnaily says:

    I think the intro was a horror movie, fuck me.. i shat myself

  14. ImaGinE8341 says:

    Is it weird that i’ve seen 9 out of 10 of these?

  15. HowToFlexpert HD says:

    Great list man 😀 tnx m8

  16. Elvis Sharma says:

    You are a BIg Fuck*n Assh***…fuck ur brother before u post this kinda shit…makes me feel u r gay

  17. earlene wallace says:

    Great choices 🙂

  18. Dimann10 says:

    Nice list. The Ring, The Stangers, Martyrs, Audition, 28 Weeks Later and The Others also good horror films since 2000.

  19. Nicky Joelle says:

    OMFG Ophan and 1408…
    Great list! Loved it 🙂

  20. gentjt38 says:

    All these are good.  Not seen "Let the right one in" or "Rec" yet.

  21. jorge pluas says:

    your list sucks ass



  23. SourceFierce says:

    Your list is a bit strange, but I would like to thank you for not putting any stupid slasher movies or the other paranormal activity movies.

  24. Bk94541 says:


  25. Gajah Bledug says:

    HECKO also great tooo … 🙁  

  26. kterinkBZ says:

    mori in chinuri

  27. Amar Bouk says:

    wtf dude wher is The ring_the grudge_the exorcism_the exorcism of emily rose

  28. Jenny prestwood says:

    I think in the new movie carrie, sissy shld have played the mom just a thought…

  29. Giacomo Bergonzi says:

    REC? Grave Encounters? Paranormal Activity??? The Conjuring too… that’s just crap, not even worth being called horror movies, they’re all just based on stuff jumping on the main characters with loud sound effects… if that’s your idea of good horror movies you have never seen one in your life. The Uninvinted is good, it has a great plots that unveils gradually, any movie taken from a Stephen King novel just has to be good, and Let The Right One In is a good movie too… I’ll watch orphan because it looks promising. But the rest of this top 10 was just crap.

  30. Robert Barna says:

    imi dau seama dupa accent ca esti roman foarte bune filme 🙂

  31. Cody Crump says:

    The conjuring and Annabelle are not scary and paranormal activity are retarded and number 5 looks dumb as hell abc is gay I was laughing in grave encounters and is rec just in spic language

  32. The American Bolshevik says:

    I made a 180 as soon as I saw the first movie in the list haha

  33. Camille Johnson says:

    I liked orphan

  34. Raeyne Jaymeson says:

    10. Orphan: This is such an amazing movie. "There’s something wrong with Esther." Isabelle Fuhrman was incredible, she captured a woman portraying a 9 yr old girl. She made the audience squirm.
    9. Carrie: The original was incredible, the remake was terrible. The original with Sissy Spacek, she touched a part in everyone. She was so vulnerable but she gets back at her tormentors.
    8. Paranormal Activity: If you’ve seen Ghost Adventures, you’ve already see Paranormal Activity. Its the same thing.. Thus not scary.
    7. 1408: If a black man says don’t go in a haunted room.. Don’t go! White people are the only ones who will go into a haunted room regardless of what anyone else says.
    6. The Conjuring: This is the one that frightened me.. and I was raised on horror movies. The fact that this one is based on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s real case file and Annabelle is a real doll.
    5. Let the Right one in: This is the original version of the American Let me in. Originals always have more power to scare than remakes.
    4. ABC’s of Death: I haven’t seen this one personally, but I have 200 friends who have and they all say this one sucked.
    3. Grave Encounters: This sounds like someone made a movie out of Ghost Adventures. Nice special effects in that movie.. I’d watch it, but I have to know if its worth it or not.
    2. Rec: This movie scared the hell outta me, I won’t watch it anymore than once.
    1. This looks like a remake of What Lies Beneath.
    Some of your movies on this list were ok. Some were great and a few are ones I have a hard time watching.. I was raised on horror movies and the scenes in Grave Encounters just gave me chills.

  35. hussain almukhtar says:

    these movies are best of the worst 

  36. sarnette1982 says:

    Didnt he say these mnovies are HIS opinion GEEsh

  37. Nedzad Ramovic says:

    I watched all this movies ORPHAN is No 1 one of the best
    Also no here on list Midnight Meat Train(2008)
    I dont believed how Americans have brain washed heads(clishe)
    This two movies on box office have bad reiting but later people who love horror movies see what is miss.

  38. Huzaif Ahmed says:

    Good job man

  39. IKON G.DRAGON says:

    Bunch of random movies… Bet you never even seen all these movies..!!

  40. Stef JR. says:

    Баси тъпите филми е сложил тоя смотаняк!!! SHIT

  41. Mahmud Sharon says:

    thank you….
    for your help…

  42. Levi HD says:

    I’m trying to remember an old movie. I don’t remember much but here is what I do.. There is some guy what I believe to be an underground facility with cameras watching him, there are some tunnels and its very dark with some lit spots, I remember him not having any ears and being pale.

  43. Andrew Whalley says:

    are you prepared to enter the z?? im crazy im wild…
    would be half believable if you hadnt shown your fat nerdy and rather gay self at the start mate….you should probably be putting lists up like GIJoe figurines or star trek

  44. Renars Panovs says:

    Nr 5. You gotta be kidding me….

  45. Sharen10 says:

    IMHO The original Carrie, with Sissy Spacek,  is a lot a lot better and a lot scarier then the remake.

  46. EMA Filmworks says:

    PLEASE take a second to check out my short film titled HOMICIDIUM. The film is about a SCHITZOPHRENIC college student who has a MANIC episodes and violent visions of MURDERING his classmates.

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