Hello marzipans, who is up for some horror movies? I AM.
Here is my list of TOP 10, hope you like it!

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Other movies that I enjoyed a lot:
– Stay Alive;
– Silent Hill;
– Dark Sky;
– Sinister;
– Mama;
– The Others;
– Dead Silence.

❤FTC – This is not a sponsored video.

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50 Responses to TOP 10 HORROR MOVIES

  1. Midori Gurin says:

    I was like: SHINING. SHINING. SAY IT! SHINING! and then next up the shining and I was like YASSS

  2. Matty Holder says:

    I love horror movies but when i watch them i can’t sleep!!!!!

  3. Nicolás Házsa says:

    Here’s JOHNY!

  4. Valerie Coop says:

    I love the scream series

  5. Kamilah Winda says:

    Asian horror give me a creepy atmosphere dunno why, maybe because their typical long black hair woman ghost

  6. Zubair Baraskar says:

    watch a Serbian film

  7. Justin Graham says:

    13 ghost is god but not scary

  8. matt steacy says:

    The shining is my favorite movie out of the list but your right isn’t a horror movie

  9. Faisal Al-Naama says:

    I agree with your list

  10. excuse my charisma. says:

    try watching Asian horror movies. I guarantee you will shit ur pants

  11. Skittles _xcmx_ says:

    omg !!! thankyou so much marzia Rose Red was a movie i used to watch with my grandad before he passed and i couldn’t remember what it was called thankyou xx

  12. Alexis B Dance says:

    I’ve seen Rose Red and that’s a good one. Have you seen Pet Cemetery? That’s based off of a Stephen King novel as well

  13. JELLO says:

    GUYS!! I realy sugest you to see The conjouring and The conjouring 2!! i find it realy cool!

  14. Molly says:

    13 ghosts is pretty cheesy but I like it

  15. TheSkorpionKing says:

    how do you just casually watch a horror movie, they are so creepy

  16. Cupcake Cutie says:

    Aw you are so cute!! I know you might have seen a lot of comments from me but I’m a HUGE Fan if you and Pewds

  17. Adia Raine says:

    Filipino movies are crazy creepy

  18. Molly says:

    the 80s made a lot of cool horror movies. Dolls (1987) is a good one.

  19. TheAwkwardFangirl_28 says:


  20. molly katelyn says:

    i love silence of the lambs, the blair witch project, and rosemary’s baby

  21. jordan palos says:

    i watched rose red with my older cousin when i was little !! i love that movie !!

  22. Dolla Jaq says:

    Martyrs (2008), the remake of 2015 is also good but 2008 really had me thinking about the movie an concept for years. Sorry I’m new to your channel so I’m 3 years to late, but I really like your horror stuff

  23. Poop Ice Cream says:

    U should say that Annabelle is one of the scary movie.😱😖😵

  24. Jc Jackson says:

    Ju-On: The Grudge. All three are my favorite horror movies because they never fail to freak me out! The American remakes are no where near as good as the originals, in my opinion.

  25. CupCakeSS says:

    I’ve seen evil dead. WORST. DECISION. EVER. DO NOT WATCH

  26. Anika Forever says:

    Yeah the Conjuring is the best horror ever!!❤❤

  27. Fernanda says:

    Taxidermia , i know is not a horror movie but is really good 🌈

  28. grantgtrr34 says:

    Rose Red scarred my brain as a child, still to this day I won’t go in any mega huge mansion, or attic for that matter lol

  29. TeyAnna Tella says:

    i been looking for the name of that movie for so long evil dead i couldn’t remember the name though

  30. Molly says:

    I recently saw Lights Out and I found it to be pretty enjoyable.

  31. Vin Ee Ng says:

    How about Annabel

  32. chocolate cake says:

    Ohhh my god!!! I saw that "Shutter" movie about 1-2 years ago and I’ve been wondering what was it’s name! Finally found it!

  33. Mayu Rose says:

    When you’re watching this on February 2017

  34. Gameru Calin says:

    Halloween the best horror movie

  35. The great Mylo says:

    personally, I thought the first movie of Alien was pretty funny.

  36. Meggian Odonahue says:

    I watched evil dead and that movie reminded me of saw which was also very scary and if you liked evil dead then go and check those movie out I think theres 4 of them I cant remember but they are so good and I totally recommend them if you like gory horror films

  37. Audine Augustyani says:

    the eyes 3!!! it’s the first horror movie i have ever watched when i was like 3rd or 4th grades. i know the movie but i dont know the title… so it’s "the eyes 3". it’s hilarious and scary at the same time

  38. Elizabeth B says:

    Hey Marzi,

    I know this is a way old video, but if you do read this I suggest watching Alice (Neco z Alenky), it’s a Swedish film (1988) version of Alice in Wonderland and in my opinion, is very creepy. I absolutely LOVE horror movies, I don’t get creeped out or scared often. Something about the stop motion/animation was just creepy! It’s very good.

    x♥ Eli

  39. Plopi says:

    number 1 horror movie: my life

  40. Remus John Lupin says:

    Marzia"So number 1 is Trick R’ Treat"

  41. SilverFoxiee says:

    I haven’t watched the Scream movies yet but the TV show is amazing so I got high hopes 🙃

  42. Polonkai Dóri says:

    I would love to see a part 2 of this video! ♥

  43. Bubble Gum says:


  44. Gabby Rodriguez says:

    I’ve seen the movie the shining

  45. Natsu Dragion77 says:

    SEVEN MILLION …….!!!!!!!!!!! congratz

  46. Jochel 23 says:

    Dead silence scared the shit out of me

  47. Kids Mandis says:

    where is Halloween,friday the 13th,exorcist,texas chainsaw massicer and "it"??? I recommend these ones so check them out

  48. Dang Quang Anh says:

    Should change into 10 horror movies. She counts from 1 to 10.

  49. Negen DIE Grimes Live! says:

    Cries I love Friday the 13th part 8!

  50. Ethan Fiallos says:

    mine is jeepers creepers it’s funny and scary at the same time 😣😂😣😂😣😂

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