Top 10 Least Scary Horror Movies

Top 10 Least Scary Horror Movies

They were going for screams and instead got yawns. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 least scary horror movies. Check us out at, and

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48 Responses to Top 10 Least Scary Horror Movies

  1. Improvised Mayhem says:

    I remember watching Jaws revenge when I was oo, maybe 12 tops, and realising even at such a suggestible age that it was a big pile of monkey fuck jizz. Interestingly I did enjoy Thinner some years later but I was on a Stephen King bender around that age.

  2. Zach Duren says:

    Leprechaun isn’t a comedy?

  3. Mrbobothebear says:

    I thought the leprechaun was scary I literally died watching it alone

  4. boss grateness says:

    I liked the happening

  5. Tabitha K. says:

    I guess it was too much to hope The Awakening would be on this list. May it rest in terrible Netflix movie anonymity.

  6. #Napkin93 says:

    Half of the comments

    They’re eating her…and then there gonna eat me… OH MY GOOOOOD

    Seriously the quote has run its course so just stop people just keep copying

  7. yasmina fh says:


  8. InTheGlow135 says:

    Mark Wahlberg is such a horrible actor… ugh he sounds the same in every movie.

  9. FluffyEnderPugComix says:

    I thought ‘The Haunting’ was actually a really good movie

  10. HMEDTV says:

    most of these movies are just terrible. how many movies do you need in a franchise??

  11. MLG Fox says:

    How was One Missed Call on this list?

  12. Koroko Amamiya says:

    why would people even make an American re-make of Japanese horror films

  13. panda man 63 says:

    the leprechaun 1 was good 4 sucked oe and the lost boys

  14. FluffyEnderPugComix says:

    Where was ‘Nightmare On Elm Street : Freddy’s Dead’ it was impossible to take DEATH seriously. Freddy was a total couch potato.

  15. Grace Elizabeth says:

    The first Resident Evil film was very well done,but if I’m being completely honest the sequels weren’t necessary.

  16. Sheridan Hawkins says:

    I loved the haunting 🙂

  17. Roma's Tomato says:

    oh my gOoOoOoOoOoD

  18. boss grateness says:

    Scream should have been the number one

  19. Dwarve says:

    WHAT!? Noooooooooo.

  20. hesitant puptrap says:


  21. SquiffedArdvark says:

    the haunting was actually pretty scary when you saw it as a kid… the fuck u guys on at Mojo?

  22. Tri Meem Tristen says:


  23. Wølfy says:

    This video could have been named: Top 10 suspenseful movies labeled as horror movies

  24. PJ Parkwood says:

    The original Wicker Man was excellent.  Very subtle, great music.

  25. Brendan Davis says:

    The happening is pretty funny but it’s still a great movie

  26. Ronnie Lee says:

    I love Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. I know it’s not scary but I just love the over the top acting. That’s what makes it awesome!

    The only thing about Jaws: the Revenge that is good is actually the shark and the music soundtrack. I also like the idea that a shark can get revenge but I think it was done wrong. The story should have stayed in Amity in my opinion. Keeping the shark in familiar waters would have made the story a bit more believable.

    I also have no problem with Jason X being set after Freddy VS Jason (which it should be). However, I do agree that it is not scary at all. It seems more like a sci-fi action flick to me (although it has elements of a slasher film). Just plain weird!

    It’s possible that some of these films tried too hard to be scary and that’s why they failed. This is just my opinion.

  27. HMEDTV says:

    ohhhhh my goooooooooooood!

  28. Deadlocks 561 says:

    Rubber is not scary

  29. Grace Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry but there’s too many Jason films.

  30. Benovix The Epic Gamer says:

    Troll 2 is less scary than Leprechaun

  31. Jena Marissa says:

    Yeah cuz sharks are vengeful and remember

  32. Elena Christian says:

    Resident Evil was brilliant and scary. so shaddup.

  33. Vinx says:

    What about Devil? Take a perfectly good concept and add unnecessary supernatural elements.

  34. 1luv doge says:

    I watched the haunting when I was like 11 trying to scare myself… I was like ‘is this a joke?’

  35. Benovix The Epic Gamer says:

    There’s 3 famous lines in this video



  36. Elizabeth Rose Mull says:

    the haunting wasn’t a remake of another movie. it was another movie based on the book the haunting of hill house. which wasn’t horrer.

  37. Wyatt Krafticus says:

    I thought jaws the revenge was great

  38. Pacho Stan says:


  39. Funky Clown says:

    i’ve watched resident evil and im 10 its NOT scary

  40. Grace Elizabeth says:


  41. bosscat63 minecraft says:

    Jason x but i love Friday the 13th moives

  42. JOE513E says:

    Chucky post child’s play is supposed to be funny

  43. xx BonnleGames the drawing Bunny says:

    number 7 is zombies or…..

  44. Lidya Wayne says:

    the exorcist

  45. The Greek Pianist says:

    THE WICKER MAN (2006) was definitely a joke! The island people were so weird and the movie had some damn hilarious comedy scenes. Seriously that was more of a Lifetime-styled film than a horror.

  46. eldredo says:

    no dont do it

  47. JOE513E says:

    I wouldn’t say Carrie is super scary

  48. Todd Hiibner says:

    Why the Bride of Chucky

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