Top 10 Most Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made! – Halloween Special 2016

Top 10 Most Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made! – Halloween Special 2016

Here’s The List of Hollywood Top Ten New Most Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made! Thank You For Watching! We hope you guys liked it! Please Don’t Forget To Subscribe Us For Our Top 15 Most Scariest Movies List@:

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50 Responses to Top 10 Most Scariest Horror Movies Ever Made! – Halloween Special 2016

  1. MitchO says:

    This is such a Crappy List with Crappy Photos to join it

  2. Nikky Ali says:

    I’m 12 years old and I’ve seen the exorcism

  3. Niken Deula says:

    I don’t seen any best horror film in the video

  4. Barsha Hossain says:

    can anyone give me the link of the exorcist full movie watch online plzz???

  5. pandey alka says:

    it’s not horror anyway

  6. Morgan Sherrill says:

    pretty good don"t really like the exorcist saw it when i was young and had terrible nightmares

  7. Rana Mohammad says:

    what !!!!!!!!!! the sixth sence in my opinion is not a horror movie it is a great movie with two or three scary scenes the are movies that are much more frightining than it

  8. HRMxRoxas says:


  9. Kalvin Peter says:

    how can u forget The Mama

  10. Liam Gobindram says:

    I remember sleeping through The Exorcist

  11. ILLUMINATUS says:

    The grudge and the ring are the 2 movies that gave me nightmares for a very long time when i was a little kid

  12. Brian Smith says:

    Where’s the Babadook and REC?

  13. Paola Grgat says:

    The Conjuring deserves first place. That movie is simply perfect. The real horror.

  14. Hh Yy says:

    I can tell the music is from a game soundtrack, just really want to know what is it called.

  15. abdul zubair says:

    the most horror scary movie i watched was wrong turn all parts….

  16. Shape Shiftor says:

    What about the Russian Sleep Experiment? It’s based on a real event!

  17. Call of Duty gamer says:


  18. Bucket List says:

    these are good movies but I don’t think any of them deserve to be called the scariest.
    13 Ghosts for example is scarier than all of these.

  19. Samuel Jaatinen says:

    no Annabel or it

  20. Michael Riser says:

    The Movies I have are

  21. Peter Babic says:

    I sent a button to the lady I watched "Send Me To Hell" with about a month later…she FREAKED!!! LOL

  22. K. Neff says:

    Drag me to hell was not a horror movie! A thriller at best.

  23. James Hall says:

    yah i agree with Mario M people killing people or chainsaw massacre would be scary if it happened in real life but not on a movie and they dont even make monsters or demons look that scary the scary movies nowadays are just a joke you will get lucky if you find one anymore but once in a blue moon other words rarely

  24. Raeyne Jaymeson says:

    10. The Shining: This movie is good. Its amazing what isolation and cabin fever can do to a person. But, I think the whole thing started when he said "I’d give my soul for a drink." At that time, the unrest ghosts of the hotel came to collect. But they wanted more than just his soul.
    9. The Evil Dead (1981): This one had the story that carried the scares. Plus, Sam Raimi and his crew needed help and they went to Tom Savini, the same man who did the special effects for all the 80’s slasher flicks. The scares were placed in different areas and the original wasn’t like the remake. The remake placed the scares in every area they could and the scares made the movie very boring to watch. Gore does not make a horror movie, the original knew that.
    8. Nightmare on Elm: Even Robert Englund hated the remake and that’s saying something. The original was the one that made New Line Cinema into what it is now, it all started with Nightmare on Elm Street. And it didn’t have the background, plus, making Freddy into a child molester was a stupid idea. He was originally a child murderer and that seems more likely than a pedophile. Getting burned for being a murderer is more of what parents do.
    7. Insidious: The child is the one who is haunted. But, the sequels lost their flare for story telling. If the story of the movie is good, it’ll carry the scares. The 1st insidious, while being new and different, but still the same as all the other paranormal horror movies, it has some good spots. The red demon didn’t need to be there, he didn’t seem like he had a place in this movie.
    6. Sixth Sense: 1st off, that 1st picture was of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s backbone. That is not the same movie as the 6th sense. In comparison, The Devil’s Backbone will always be better than the 6th sense. In the 6th sense, there was no real story, the scares were not there and this is not a horror movie. The Devil’s backbone dealt with ghosts, one in particular.. He knew he was dead, he was murdered and wanted revenge.
    5. The Grudge AKA Ju-On: Ju-on is the Japanese original that is so much better than the remake. In the remake, one person goes into the house, the curse latches itself onto the person that entered. In the original, one person goes in and the curse latches itself onto everyone that one person hold dear. Breaks them down then kills them. The original was much more creepy and unnerving than the POS remake.
    4. The Ring AKA Ringu: The original was much better. The American version, The Ring.. That shit was terrible, it was not scary. The original, it was very creepy. The same premise in both, but the twitching the girl did when she came to kill in the original was chilling.
    3. Drag Me to Hell: The beginning was the best part of the movie. The woman who put the curse on her was unnerving and the story was eh.. The scares were good, but.. There were far too many jumpscares and no subtle scares. It got lame after a while.
    2. The Conjuring: This was good. There were subtle scares, the story was good to carry the scares, the jumpscares were placed strategically and the movie was smart. The audience was able to use their imagination and the fact that more sounds were used rather than sight.. It uses the sense against you, that’s the key to a good movie.
    1. The Exorcist: This is at the top of everyone’s list. When I saw it for my 1st time.. I was 12 yrs old. The exorcism itself wasn’t scary, it was the doctors and their experiments that were frightening.

  25. Abdullah Mohammad says:

    The grudge kiss my ass

  26. Crywolf -1337- says:

    The Conjuring #1 EVER!

  27. C. A. Smith says:

    Experience the scariest film online — being called the best since Blair Witch Project — before its pulled for distribution. Rorschach: What will you see? It’s scary because it’s real.

  28. Ben Lecroy says:

    I love every single one of these movies none of them are veryyyy scaryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  29. Mckenzie Gibbons says:

    that’s rain carry

  30. Tilly-Rose Murcutt says:


  31. sketchy ghoul says:

    too lazy to put the titles in the lame

  32. fosters classics says:

    how does drag me to hell get on the list?

  33. Danni Running says:

    not even close

  34. Top5 Tuesdays says:

    Evil dead is no lie on of THE best horror movies I have ever seen. When ever I see a top 10 list it’s never there and I’m over like "HOW" πŸ˜‚

  35. Rana Mohammad says:

    in my opinion the list is from the scariest to the less scaring : 1) the conjuring 2
    2) insidious 2
    3) paranormal activity the last season

  36. Ermindo Talia says:

    try again

  37. Daniel Danis says:

    crappy list, like they started with good ones at 10 and then by 6 they were soso and then 3 and two? the conjouring?? what are you 19 years old? and of corse the exercist for number one, please at least be a horror movie fan before making a crappy list like this. Amityville2 the possession or the entity or even polterguist 2 and the exercist and you need to put them in order from best to worst of ten! Your evil dead has the old one and the new one in the list, so which is it? new one ! the old was a bunch of kids making a movie that became priceless but was comical. the newone was good scary. kinda like polterguist but the origional will always be the best. you want scary do polterguist 2.

  38. Ε‡Δ‚WÂÂŽ ĐŘĚW ŠÂÏFÌ says:

    which background music please give me a name of the musicπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  39. shreyas kashyap says:

    Dumb List

  40. Chitra Kamali says:

    I love scary movie so thank love you thanks πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‡

  41. Abdullah Mohammad says:

    I believe anyone who says that this list is made by a tennage girl who has no sense of horrror

  42. Elizabeth Babusi says:

    ummm….excuse me why isnt the walking dead on the list😯

  43. Ospidous says:

    I really liked the movie the ring but….. it wasn’t too scary there weren’t a lot of jumps cares that actually scared me

  44. Knuckles says:

    i didnt think insidious was scary who else agrees

  45. ChiTown Dreams says:

    Ur list sucked

  46. ITz Tavz says:


  47. Ma Sharma says:

    I love scary movies and want to watch them but they are only for 18+ in my country the united states😒😒

  48. Josh says:

    lol mixed up some pictures. 1:53 is dead silence

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