Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

These are the flicks that make our hearts race and make us wish we had company. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movies you shouldn’t watch alone. WARNING: Contains mature content. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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47 Responses to Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

  1. cookie mooley soda says:

    Iv seen this and its called puppet masters or something its been a while and I am still scared

  2. Chris Power says:

    I wouldn’t watch The Shinning alone

  3. Jasmine Sanchez says:

    i wached annebelle before and watch really scary movies when inwas a baby like really violent movies too

  4. FortialRiot Gaming says:

    5:27 wtf the cat doesn’t even care

  5. ScaryTaco says:

    Are you kidding? A slasher movie and paranormal activity? Who’s creating these lists?!

  6. Sandra Pavloff says:

    Omfg i watched all these with my bf lol

  7. Janitaa says:

    i watched Annabelle, alone.. Now i still can’t sleep in 1 and a half years!

  8. Wania Asim says:

    the congring was best

  9. Robin Sky says:

    Oh, The Ring isn’t that bad 😂 it’s my favorite!! I’ve watched it since I was a little.

  10. Johnny Cano says:

    try watching the original Exorcist

  11. De Ustoppelige Brødre says:

    I will not see halloween alone.

  12. ROYALTY GAMING says:

    all these movies were funny

  13. xx BonnleGames the drawing Bunny says:

    Annabelle I have message for you : F*CK YOU HEHEHEHE

  14. hey_its_Katie says:

    I didn’t brace myself for this video so in the middle my dad coughed and I flinched so hard I rolled off the couch and he was like "what the……."

  15. Rezy Roszalez says:

    Monster’s Inc will forever be the scariest movie i had ever watched

  16. Rebecca Dion says:

    I think the movie that you should not watch is "The Ring" and "Annabelle" because there are about kids killing people. According to people in the film are like "you’re just a doll" or "you’re just cursed."

  17. Muhammad Rubbaan says:

    I’ve seen em all alone

  18. Tom Akers says:

    I always watch the blair witch project alone before a hunting trip.

  19. Serielle says:

    I remember watching the grudge for the first time when I was in high school – I couldn’t sleep with a sheet on and the lights off for a month haha

  20. ROYALTY GAMING says:

    my mom was born in 1979

  21. Nithin_PlayzYT Lel says:

    I watched all these movies alone and not even a flinch

    I even played the midnight man 7 times and yhe bath game like 80 times

    im brave

  22. Michelle Reyes says:

    i watch the conjuring alone but i can’t watch it complete alone i bring a friend to watch it with me😂i was so scared

  23. Anibal says:

    No movie will ever scare me until dolls are involved

  24. Radu Calisov says:

    alien.. thats why i stoppe watching it after the first death

  25. BananaGamer says:

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  26. ROYALTY GAMING says:

    i watched all these movies

  27. ilia zamanabadi says:

    Conjuring is number 9? man that movie scared the hell out of me!

  28. Joey Marie says:

    Rec has to be one of the scariest movies ever

  29. matt chambers says:


  30. Indianadogg Baldursdóttir says:

    im 8 years old and i watcht all of them and im not evin scared of them LAMOS😎

  31. idino rawr says:

    bitch please the exorsit is my movie i see at 3am and i can sleep like a baby and the conjuring too

  32. EmiLynnEl S.F.WB. says:

    The exorcist had me screaming laughing cuz it was funny

  33. Ana Lucía Marroquín says:

    "Left an imprent on all who watched" YEAH, BITCH. COULDN’T SLEEP FOR A WEEK.

  34. manugrewal.18 Manu grewal says:

    I have seen the conjuring alone and I am just ten and that even at night

  35. Calla Philip says:

    I’m 12 and more than half of them didn’t scare me

  36. WaxierRacoon 85 says:

    I’m alone

  37. ilia zamanabadi says:

    I don’t understand, why in scary movies people always sleep with turned off lights 😐

  38. Alfie Jarman says:

    The power of Christ was scared when he saw Freddy Krueger

  39. Michelle Reyes says:

    i watch "rec" alone and i was ok😏

  40. just A Little Monster/nightcore says:

    I watched all most all of them by myself and I’m only 13

  41. First Last says:

    am I the only one that found the exorcist comical?

  42. Jonathan Angeles says:

    the purge is a scary movie guys and girls

  43. manoftomorrow79 says:

    I’ve seen most of the top ten named films ,and they sucked not even scary.

  44. Sara Evang says:

    Come on the exorist ist that scary i saw it with my friends on spoopynight (halloween) and we just cracked about the things that happenedxDD

  45. Minecraft for fun! With Little Carly says:

    I like Chucky

  46. Andreas Dimitriadis says:

    Ι have seen all those alone

  47. PplCallMeLaurita says:

    ive seen most of these alone hehe

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