Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

We all love a good scare, especially if its from a horror movie! In this list, we will be giving you the Top 10 Best Horror Movies.

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47 Responses to Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

  1. yajjoseph paet says:


  2. Rahul Gohil says:

    my favourite horror movie is insidious 1 and 2

  3. Andy_thedemon Puppet master says:

    My favirate is "howard the duck" oh its scary

  4. Jayme Iraheta Olivar says:

    the Ouija board

  5. Fnaf Vsjaws videos says:

    my favorite horror movie is piranha not the original do you want to have a sequel piranha Double D I don’t like double d but the first one’s my favorite cuz the piranhas on those look so real

  6. Fluffy UNICORN!!!!!!! says:

    Hush and the first purge

  7. Ninja Fox says:

    Poltergeist is hands down my favorite

  8. Patrick Holder says:

    You guys forgot the most disgusting horror movie ever SAW YALL FORGOT ABOUT SAW

  9. Edith Martinez says:

    halloween rob zombie

  10. bboy j says:

    conjuring 1 and 2

  11. Bucket List says:

    None of these movies are scary.
    Lights Out is scarier than all of these by far.

  12. Paul Spink says:

    my favrot horror film is chucky

  13. Alex is cool111 says:

    I love all horror movies

  14. Cubic GD says:

    The exorcist is the only horror that manages to scare me. So every list for me is a top 1

  15. mr Stevenson says:

    the exercist is so funny its not scary at all

  16. Lizzieness Luv says:

    After Annabelle I was thinking about conjuring, it was there, then poltergeist, that was there, then it, that was there, and ya Texas chainsaw massacre was there too xD my all-time favorite movies!

  17. Fiona Somerville says:

    I was hoping that orphan was going to be number 10

  18. andrea flores says:

    I am a HUGE fan of horror films and I’ve watched all these movies at least 2 times like Im seriously obsessed with horror movies and I have watched all of these alone at least once but my favorite ones are The orphan, It, and My all time favorite Texas Chain Massacre. I recommened all of these.

  19. Shon Wise says:

    your list is very generic and shows you obviously don’t watch horror movies and are jus going off of classic movies, try having your own opinion and actually watch horror movies, you didn’t even have REC like really not one foreign horror movie? terrible list, jus bad all around…

  20. Harley Cåge says:

    Texas chainsaw massacre wasn’t even based on a true story. leather face was loosely based on Ed Gein but the plot wasn’t true.

  21. Tristan V says:

    The hitchhiker from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre didn’t kill anyone in the car. He cut Franklin and himself, but not fatally

  22. Karlie Richards says:

    nightmare on elmstreet

  23. Alicja Ryzner says:

    Michael Myers didn’t escape, he was released despite the recommendation of his doctor. jeez.

  24. Enderdragon9000YT says:

    purge electon year

  25. dipesh neupane says:

    evil dead 6

  26. Sapphire Shine says:

    I hit my hand on my table and started whimpering like a baby and my friend thought I got scared when I didn’t

  27. ionut emre says:

    None of movies u mention scare’s me 🙁

  28. Ang Baybay says:

    holloween and nightmere on elm street are my favorites

  29. Kate Dunkle says:


  30. Elijah Shelton says:

    it or pennywise

  31. KitCat Kat says:


  32. Silly Stuff And Gaming says:

    why didn’t you include the grudge?! that’s like one of the creepiest horror movies ever!!! you wouldn’t want a random pale ladie making voices and she crawling on the floor and crawling in your bed and getting all in your face making sounds like guuuuugh I can’t do it on sentences but yeah you shouldn’t watch it alone… you might get paranoid 😉😉😉

  33. Hey N says:

    I do not look at horor movies

  34. Jasko Softic says:

    lights out is a really good one

  35. Alicja Ryzner says:

    Michael Myers didn’t escape, he was released despite the recommendation of his doctor. jeez.

  36. Emily Brown says:

    While Annabelle is apparently based on a true story, it is a very different story than the one portrayed in the movie

  37. manicka baby says:

    Well the exorcist was a nightmare movies for everyone,so tats my first fav movie.Ssecond is lights out, starting to the end full of attacks and you may die cause of heart attack, haha, third is the conjuring 1 and 2, then annabella… this is my favourite list movies

  38. Ιωαννα Ασουτη says:

    My favourite movie is Orphan!!

  39. John Roebet Vista says:

    insidious chapter 3

  40. Ninja Fox says:

    I am 12 and watched The Exorcist alone last night…….living on the edge.

  41. dream big says:

    the doll movie chucke

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