Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Things are about to get scary. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scariest horror movies. Check us out at, and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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49 Responses to Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

  1. Gay Retard says:

    if this is their top list then they are fucking retarded

  2. awesome Alfie Venner says:

    elm street isn’t scary

  3. Ashley Ward says:

    I actually found the Exorcist so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing haha.

    " Fuck me!" *Tongue lashes*

  4. kaja jenko says:

    i watched rings in cinema and it was awesome it wasnt scary at all ring 1 and 2 were scarier.

  5. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, i just started my youtube channel and i’m doing stuff about horror so if you’re horror fan check my content i would rly appreciate it 🙂

  6. kaja jenko says:

    i watched rings in cinema and it was awesome it wasnt scary at all ring 1 and 2 were scarier

  7. Grace Cirincione says:

    The texes chain saw massacre did not scare me I am wired it’s hard to scare me I never saw the Blair witch Project but I really want to see it

  8. holla ifyahearme says:

    my concept of horror movies changed from scary to damn right hilarious after watching scary movie

  9. Anurag chitnis says:

    the exorcist

  10. TheRomanRuler says:

    Exorcist is not scary. It is one of best horror movies of all time, but it is not scary.

  11. skittles 10 says:

    I’ve seen worse things in my dreams

  12. Jj Jj says:

    Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

  13. Charlie Wagland says:

    The exorcist is not a scary film

  14. Tim says:

    I laughed so hard watching The Exorcist

  15. Elijah Couch says:

    Where is 28 Days Later?! That’s one of the best and truly chilling films of all time!?!?!

  16. Jon Black says:

    When I watch US horror films I get bored (SHITLESS)
    But when my dad is at the pub and I’m at home I will
    Have nightmares from watching Asian horror films
    And paranormal activity a very stink comedy shouldn’t
    Even be on the list (like WTF)

  17. Christian Ward says:

    i have a scary movie:Don’t Knock Twice

  18. Norways Pro says:

    Nomber 1 is beist.on a true story

  19. Tommy Lally says:

    Texas Chainsaw only at 10.

  20. Molly Fischer says:

    Child play is too childish

  21. Grace Cirincione says:

    I don’t mind chucky it’s kinda funny a bit

  22. Blair Nite says:

    Yh, sure. This stuff is scary alright. If U grew up in the when your grandmother was a kid … Lol wtf

  23. Olivia Kelly says:

    Paranormal activity is not scary at all… but I love the video!

  24. Vic says:

    Guess what should have been on this list,

    Donald Trump. ;D

  25. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, im new to youtube and im making videos about horror and i would rly appreciate if u check some of my content 🙂

  26. TheDomoicAcid says:

    If you are looking at the comments before the video…. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  27. 1ex1uger says:

    No Hellraiser, The Thing or Evil Dead? Meh.

  28. Jon Black says:

    My scariest is definitely not the exorcist
    I’m probably gonna go with alien but
    There is lots of dumbass decisions in
    Rings and nightmare on elm street

  29. Jason Slasher says:

    I That Friday The 13Th is top 1 scarriest Movie

  30. Steph Moore says:

    I think that "the exorcist" is the scaryest movie ever!!

  31. Cloudsley Falconbridge says:

    Damnit Botchmojo. The Ring? And at number 3 even? REALLY??

  32. dreadghoul Deborghou says:

    This list is a complete joke. Only The Ring might be little scary. But the others are not at all. Alien is cool movie but not really scary. Excorsist at number 1? Really? That shit is fucking boring and not scary.

  33. Grace Cirincione says:

    The only movie that made me crying and scared me we Amityville horror

  34. Jeff Blydenburgh says:

    Blair Witch was not scary at all. It actually was a crappy movie with a brilliant marketing plan.

  35. Im Just A Human says:

    can someone tell me a movie that is actually scary? all of those are crap

  36. L R says:

    ALIEN but no John Carpenters The Thing?!?!?!?! Child’s play?!?!? WHAT THE HECK!!!!!

  37. James Hall says:

    none of these films are scary damn people get scared of everything nowadays

  38. Ganesh Tarun says:

    Guys plz suggest some most horror movie

    Very very very horror…..
    ..,. That i should stop watching movies

  39. SevenBidoofs says:

    Why did that guy just stand there and go "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" all he had to do was move to the side slightly and boom, you’re safe

  40. Fast Networks says:

    . Insidious 1,2 & 3
    . Conjuring 1
    . Last shift
    . Women in black
    . Sinister 1 & 2
    . Occulus
    . It follows
    These are the one of the best and most scary movies I have ever seen. Nothing beats these movies.

  41. 666WitchcultToday666 says:


  42. Vic says:

    Exrosism is the worst.

  43. FreeKickerz_Portland says:

    why would anyone paranormal activity movie be on here, they suck ass. No good scares, no good atmosphere building, characters you wouldn’t care died or not, just a completely shitty franchise

  44. Fuckyosquad says:

    Not a single one of those movies was even close to be called scary.

  45. Nick Tara says:

    as soon as they said Blair Witch, I was done with this haha

  46. DANTEY BL says:

    From what movie is the thumbnail from!?!

  47. sophiemotomite says:

    I’ve seen number 2 and a few others

  48. Andrew Scott says:

    child’s play not scary

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