Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings

Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings

These movie finales certainly know how to send a chill down your spine. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings. For this list, we’re looking at the most terror-inducing endings in cinema that we could find, with entries that vary in terms of method but remain consistent in their impact. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at πŸ™‚

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49 Responses to Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings

  1. Marko Šeparović Mlađi says:

    Sleepaway Camp ending looked to me stupid.

  2. emansdrawkcabdiputs says:

    "Then he’s still there", that’s four choice words not three. πŸ˜‹

  3. Rhino Johnson says:

    what about "Don’t be afraid of the Dark"

  4. Eric Kruckenberg says:

    Freddy wanted some MILF

  5. Abdullah Nasir says:

    i think this was and old comedy episode….. i dont think these even count as scary

  6. dinoduderocket says:

    "then hes still there" – 3 words?

  7. Connor Werning says:

    Where’s invasion of the bodysnatchers?

  8. Ralph Willis says:

    lmfao her three choice words were "then he’s still there "

  9. caraticus12 says:

    So, your number one ending is a rip-off of a film that gets an honourable mention, and from an entire film that’s a cheap knock-off of ‘Halloween’

  10. Fluffy_Wierd_ Thingy says:

    Seriously the amount of screaming scared my guinea pig half to death😑

  11. - SuperPlushBros9867 - says:

    the ending of nightmare on elm street made me laugh because freddy swooped up her mom like really easily

  12. Joshua75 Gaming says:

    Im not scared of spiders but lowkey would scream

  13. Romy van herwaarden says:

    Insidius 😍 love it

  14. stay in your own lane says:

    insidious’ ending had me shook to my core

  15. Madnessonman says:

    No mention of Phantasm?

  16. Zer0 The Assassin says:

    I swear Dead Silence gets no love. That ending was terrifying when I first saw it.

  17. Loud Films says:

    I don’t understand the ending with the spider

  18. Really Bro? says:

    I loved Sinister, great movie. What about Jeepers Creepers where he flew off with that kid from the police station? I liked that movie and ending as well.

  19. gloomy cat girl says:

    freddy you’re dick!

  20. Andy Fenton says:

    Nothing in REC or Blair Witch scared me. Thought they were both 1 star at best.

  21. the Scar says:

    Its endings like this that get bad sequels

  22. M says:

    Sleepaway Camp. That grunt unsettled me. I was so surprised, I thought she was a werewolf, or Something. And it made me jump off my seat. Even the fact that she was actually a man, is unsettling. Even to this day.

  23. Shashaank Thakur says:

    psycho is on #12 ? are you fucking kidding me ? that should be straight up #1

  24. Francis Baumans says:

    no invasion of the body snatchers?

  25. Brayden Rayburn says:


  26. pepe memes says:

    number 7 should be number 1.

  27. Swiftie & Moonwalker says:

    *sees big ass tarantula*

  28. Lil Boat222 says:

    I think the Lazarus Effect had a good ending

  29. visualsktch says:

    lol why would the girl just stand there and go "aaaaahhhhh" and let her face be chopped? lol

  30. Jovany Tamayo says:

    I Just shit myself a bit

  31. Whiskii Face says:

    I love how at 6:03 you blur the word ‘fucking’ out of subtitles yet have no problem showing a girl with an axe buried in her face and ripped up, dead bodies in bathtubs.

  32. Celsey Ann says:

    REC is just Quarantine… So I guess it’s creepy?

  33. EricAKATheBelgianGuy says:

    What about the ending of Man Bites Dog, where the film crew filming a serial killer become the next victims, as does the killer himself?

  34. Just your average retard says:

    rec 1 better be on here

  35. gisele ruby says:

    "The candy man can.." :,D

  36. balsamic vinigrette says:

    okay but REC was actually really terrifying

  37. DaSean Wayne says:

    Y’all never give sinister some love..

  38. Monkey Business says:

    "Lack of context" in Blair Witch? Somewhere in the movie it’s stated that the witch forced the abducted children to stand in the basement, facing the wall, without making a sound, while she killed them one by one (that was what she did, right? can’t remember for sure). So the third guy standing there is a brilliant moment leading up to the conclusion that the witch is still very alive and kicking πŸ˜‰

  39. Ian DC says:

    I would’ve easily ranked REC as number 1 on this list. I’ve seen quite a bit of horror movies but REC’s ending was by far the one that freaked me out the most.

  40. random gamer909 says:

    I think the ending of Always watching: a Marble hornets story should have been in this list

  41. Raiden Martinez says:

    Doesn’t the ending in Blair witch project seem familiar to resident evil biohazard?

  42. Christopher Regenthal says:

    the shining it’s johnny

  43. Kiki Terhune says:

    the dang spider… GAH!!! I have arachnophobia BIG TIME! It had me screaming and almost slamming my laptop closed 8(

  44. love for games says:

    Sinister is the scariest by far…

  45. PetroffPlayz MLG says:

    How do we know that frozen is not horror huh?

  46. Khalil Wright says:

    Halloween really needed a spot.

  47. Jake Peltier says:

    Insidious blew, i love horror movies of all types, maybe I’ve seen too many but to me it was on par with how boring Paranormal activity was, for me it was a waste of cash watching it in the theatre

  48. bam bull says:


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