Top 10 Scariest Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Scariest Movies Of All Time

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46 Responses to Top 10 Scariest Movies Of All Time

  1. asomem Deadpool says:

    i dont have any greatest fear nothing scars me

  2. Daniel James says:

    Heres johnny

  3. slay brittany44 says:

    the ring is weird

  4. Crazyenderdragon says:

    I love psyco

  5. Eimantas Kamile says:

    No lol! 😯😣😢😨

  6. Joe Macc says:

    I can’t watch, the presenter is too annoying.

  7. Super Mario Plush and gaming channel says:

    U suck

  8. saRy says:

    I find Paranormal just boring and not scary at all!


    I have that movie in my television the number 1 thank God my sister said don’t wach cuz ur gana shit ur pants wow I dint know that movie was this lol

  10. Samantha Rae Zagar says:

    I disagree with most of this list, yes SOME of these movies at the time of release were horrifying to viewers but now they are on the verge of being funny/terrible.

  11. Lil King says:

    He’s right the scariest movie is Donald trump

  12. Wuddah Baker says:

    the autopsy of Jane Doe was scary for me…. it’s probably even scariest for those who work around the dead!!!! freaked me out!!!

  13. Cloudywith achanceofvideogames says:

    you should have put in A Nightmare on Elm street even though I don’t think its scary 🙂

  14. levi ethan and hose vlogs says:

    I think the scariest movie s the original exorcists

  15. Nguyen Benny says:

    My biggest fears: being buried alive, spiders, and losing the ones you love.

  16. Dillon Smuth says:

    the conjuring and annabelle weren’t scary but i loved both of them

  17. Oliver niphaporn says:

    Ahaha you guys probably watch this and get scared

  18. Julie Gipson says:

    What about Jason

  19. Harlan Dawkins says:

    my favorite scary movie is either Split or Scream, but the scariest is probably the Grudge

  20. William Sjöblom says:

    but it was a pretty god list

  21. ThE WaRRioR AUgiE says:

    I’ve seen the shining

  22. Crazyenderdragon says:

    And bates hotel

  23. Annabelle Blair says:

    ;-; Why.. my name is Annabelle Blair.

  24. Em Tee says:

    this guy is irritating…

  25. Lil King says:

    That’s worst then Donald trump face

  26. CG Flame says:


  27. christopher davison says:


  28. Eve Perez says:

    The grudge should be on here 💀

  29. brownie lover says:

    I jumped when the Annabella jumpscare came

  30. Mr laugh a lot says:

    The exorcist isn’t that scary it’s more disturbing especially the part when she was mastubating with the crucifix

  31. ExplodeXCreeper // Minecraft! says:


  32. ROYAL DUCK LOVER says:

    and I would kill myself

  33. Sneaky 101 says:

    My biggest fear is result day

  34. Isabelle Flores says:

    I love the Conjuring!!!

  35. slay brittany44 says:

    omg the Texas chainsaw

  36. Sam Jonath says:

    The exorcist is just funny

  37. Ivy Featherstone says:

    Are you KIDDING me "Texas chainsaw massacre" is NOT scary at all!

  38. efra v says:

    im a girl and my name is Mia Soley

  39. Isaac Boaz says:

    Where’s Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween, Evil Dead, Poltergeist, Silence Of The Lambs, The Omen?

  40. Juana Campos says:

    I was so scared when you said annabell

  41. William Sjöblom says:

    the exorcist isnt scary

  42. Crazyenderdragon says:

    I love the ring and the unborn is the most scary

  43. Kieran Parkes says:

    baberdook,chucky,the darkness

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