Top 10 Scariest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies

Top 10 Scariest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies

From childhood terrors to modern-day nightmares, these are the most frightening scenes never labeled “horror.” Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scariest moments in non-horror films. Special thanks to our users “TheKippfather” and “Ian Buchsbaum” for submitting the idea for this video on our Suggestions Page at πŸ™‚

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50 Responses to Top 10 Scariest Scenes From Non-Horror Movies

  1. Ghostly Memorys says:

    Secret of the Kells scared me so much when she lifts up her head to show her skull it caught me by surprise

  2. PHOENIX2005UK says:

    how is any of these scary

  3. lol lol says:

    what about the whole movie caroline (kids movie) scary af

  4. kimmyfreak200 says:

    dam. the lambquick scene was deleted from my subconscious i blocked that out. thanks for the reminder =(

  5. Erin says:

    The "Doom and Gloom" one still scares me

  6. Isabella Brent says:


  7. Sans the boss says:

    "That will actually ‘SCAR’ them"

  8. palebeachbum says:

    Y’all should give a warning about graphic content. Jesus I didn’t need to see some of that.

  9. Hamiltrongames says:

    The birthday scene from Signs? Anyone?

  10. Ross Pate says:

    Wizard of Oz…you fucking serious?…

  11. connor Stenzel says:

    i litterly just wacht jurractic park holly crap i cant spell

  12. Whalun says:

    I forgot to skip the ad cuz I’m so used to seeing 30-second ads

  13. Spots the Cat says:

    U know what green means……..the wicked witch of the west is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!

  14. Kaylene Roach says:

    The death of mufasa better be on here

  15. Ruby -_- says:

    none of that was scary :

  16. Brendan hall says:

    I Know Gene Wilder Died 6 Months Ago

  17. Jackie Nova says:

    Requiem For A Dream should have been number 1, that movie still fucks me up.

  18. Kevin Erives says:

    the swamp of the dead from the two towers was more terrifying than the NazgΓ»l

  19. catplant ASMR says:


  20. Yoda says:

    None of these scenes are scary. So this video is dumb.

  21. FantasiusTriton1993 says:

    YES!! Raiders is number one!!!!

  22. T Pink says:

    Jurassic park hands down all time

  23. Dusty Chalk says:

    Black Hole (1979) the ending
    Scrooge (1970) the ghost of christmas future — when I grew up, I watched the TV version, so I never saw the scenes in hell until recently, but just the grave scene alone scared the snot out of me.
    The introduction of Marley was pretty horrifying, too.
    It’s also an excellent film, with catchy, memorable music numbers.

  24. Portal Turret says:

    disney for kids! pinochio is a movie for kids! including smoking, drugs, tranformation and other rated M things….. for kids πŸ™‚

  25. GreenzebraH Schuetz says:

    well one of them is the nightmare before chrismas you know the part ware santa clase get shoved down the pipe in that one secene …..

  26. FantasiusTriton1993 says:

    Okay , I did not expect Pleasure Island to be on here, but oh my god I’m glad it is! That is the scariest scene Disney has ever done.

  27. Joe Luckett says:

    none of these scenes are actually scary tho

  28. sejekio says:

    where’s beetlejuice ?

  29. GoesWithTheNameOfGTJ says:

    That one scene from Toy Story when Woody and Buzz meet Sid’s "freak toys" was one that came in my mind. Must’ve been the age though like most of these

  30. Tessa Hartman says:

    What about coraline or that movie about the house that is alive

  31. Winter Phoenix says:

    ahh back when Watchmojo still had it’s mojo

  32. Two Faced Bot says:

    yeah the fenale in who framed roger rabbit scared the hell out of me as a kid

  33. Mark Braley says:

    Donkey transformation from Pinocchio (1940) scared me when I was a kid.

  34. Matteo Pagano says:

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me?

  35. Mike Arden says:

    Superman III cyborg?

  36. Anna Ly says:

    I watched Trainspotting last night for the first time, I really couldn’t handle the baby death scene, it was just too real, it’s really sad to say that death due to neglect is very common.

  37. 13alpal25 says:

    Aw man you guys definitely forgot the Walrus and the Carpenter story from Alice and Wonderland! Makes me have goosebumps just thinking about it and I literally cannot force myself to watch that whole scene without looking away

  38. Ellie Eagleton says:

    I haven’t watched Pinocchio since I was really little and now I don’t want to ever again…

  39. kimmyfreak200 says:

    ass to ass!! doesn’t get more horrific than that

  40. Hunter45 says:

    they actually use a real horse head

  41. lee Alex says:

    Not even scary enough

  42. Jack Rappen says:

    I can’t believe Pan’s Labryimth is not in the list.

  43. Jojo On Paper says:

    There werent any honorable mentions! 😭 😭 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Gabe aka Arbok Boy says:

    did the baby live die if it did im flagging this video

  45. raphael44ify says:

    TV movie "Threads" should be included. Pretty frightening when the bombs went off. I saw it when I was 17 and never forgot it.

  46. Spots the Cat says:

    Beginning) someone’s on there period

  47. Potato Fairy says:

    I had nightmares after watching labyrinth,
    It heavily involved David Bowie’s crotch bulge chasing after me. I came out as a lesbian when I turnt 15 so, my mom said " god damn it, it’s that David bowie’s fault.."

  48. amv wolfgirl says:

    You mean QUEEN of the Dinos. They’re all girls.

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