Top 10 Scary Movie Dolls

Top 10 Scary Movie Dolls

In real life, a doll can be an enchanting and lovable play toy – but not in a horror film. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 scary movie dolls. Special thanks to our users Norris Vaughn, connordavidson1998, jordi9567, DeemTheHero, aldqbigsquare, Kaleigh Treadway, Philip Folta and Peter Nørlund Kjærbye for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at!

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49 Responses to Top 10 Scary Movie Dolls

  1. jhonny calleno says:

    This Video was uploaded in 2014 and goosebumps was release in 2016 dont time travel please people in the comment.

  2. DiamondPro2017 says:

    You should’ve put chucky in it. He is scary in the movies.

  3. Rhydian Morris says:

    if all those movies were real then those people would b idiots to let PLASTIC BOTTLES overpower them excluding chucky "he’s just that good"

  4. Almighty Creeper says:

    Ladie: Ugly doll

    Chucky: Fuck You.

  5. John Doe says:

    what about slappy

  6. Woogallahoohoohoo Z says:

    Dolly looks goofy

  7. Adrian Zuniga says:

    Slappy from Goosebumps

  8. Glen Walls says:

    what about slappy from goosebumps

  9. undertaco sans says:


  10. Derrick Price says:

    you forgot Robert the doll

  11. Almighty Creeper says:

    I know what chucky said he said fuck you

  12. Shiori Kurosaki says:

    *sees the Annabelle doll* "F*ck this sh!t I’m out"

  13. harleyquinn gamer says:

    Chucky is a killer doll

  14. Wild Kidz says:

    Where’s slapy?

  15. the plush collector says:


  16. McLovin Is Apart Of ISIS says:

    How about Blood Dolls,Demomic Toys,Doll Graveyard,Etc

  17. Clever Zever says:

    "its a genuine Zuni fetish doll"

  18. Almighty Creeper says:

    I know chucky his awesome

  19. Max says:

    saw Billy yesterday

  20. Tucker Neikirk says:

    Annabelle gets her own movie

  21. Francisco Torresjr says:

    jigsaw at least number 7

  22. gnc623 says:

    I like the Chucky movies the best, but anymore, I don’t know if I would say that Chucky is the scariest, and I think this is because we’ve become too familiar with Chucky. He’s maniacal, witty, and to be honest, a bit of fun to watch. Some of the other dolls are more mysterious. I wouldn’t all Chucky the scariest, but he’s definiely the most popular and the most fun.

  23. donike beadle says:

    they should have put slappy the dummy

  24. thegames best says:

    I like dead silence and chucky

  25. Faithy Playz says:

    3:54 ummm very cringy just wacth that part so cringy and i knew chucky was the first one my bro got nitemares when he was a kid because of chucky lol

  26. The kawii Panda says:

    Blade wasn’t always bad he was good in the puppet master movies

  27. Sandra Chilon Cabrera says:

    mi muñeco favorito fue dlabe

  28. Yo Mama says:

    Chucky is hella funny

  29. Mikayla Blantz says:


  30. AureayCuco says:

    I loved Blade, though. I still think hes so cute.

  31. Mathilde Lippert says:

    Annabelle Should be the #1 Chucky is not scary, but Annabelle is soooo scary! But i love her❤️

  32. koolkelztv wp says:

    who else knew chucky is gonna be first

  33. Mason Pohl says:

    I love love love chucky

  34. Nara says:

    7:05 *Who in their mind thought making a edgy version of pinocchio was a good idea*

  35. Crazy Hunter Films says:

    I don’t care what ya’ll say,all these dolls are a rip off of chucky. Except blade. Blade is cool

  36. Yo Mama says:

    Doll killers are the funniest

  37. Brady The best winter is The scary mask Richner says:

    Robert definitely

  38. PopplioWithTea says:

    These guys dont know horror chuck aint even scary

  39. Mojeeb Kazimi says:

    nobody skip to 1:40

  40. Jee Soo Daugherty says:

    Scary af

  41. Rosa Garay says:

    This entire time I was wondering where is Chucky

  42. Endergirl 192 says:


  43. Giovanna Borba lopes says:

    yesssss chuck chuck chuck chuck is number 1

  44. The Ian Gamer360 says:

    3:54 is VERY inappropriate

  45. Danil Muscat says:

    I have a really scary doll in my house and i think its haunting me im not joking many people call this doll a very fitting name and i am scared to say it but the name is……….BARBIE😱

  46. _ Dybgamer _ says:

    possibly the boy from THE BOY


    Woe thinks that dead silence should have been number 1

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