TOP 10 : The Best 2016 HORROR Movies

TOP 10 : The Best 2016 HORROR Movies

Our Top 10 of the best horror movies of the year from the ! Give us your top 5 in the comments !
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2016 Best Horror Movies / TOP 10
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47 Responses to TOP 10 : The Best 2016 HORROR Movies

  1. Amun Ra says:

    Train to Busan is in my top 5 list of zombie movie forever.

  2. branda babylove says:

    my top best horror movie.
    1- the conjuring 1,2
    2-don’t breathe
    3-insidious 1,2
    4-drag me to hell
    5-the forest

  3. ManaMoL says:

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  4. Dil Howlter says:

    Nr. 1 is clearly "2016"

  5. Naomi says:

    The Neon Demon in my opinion was very slow, stupid and very DISTURBING. I felt sick to my stomach especially when I saw the end.

  6. branda babylove says:

    my top best horror movie.
    1- the conjuring 1,2
    2-don’t breathe
    3-insidious 1,2
    4-drag me to hell
    5-the forest

  7. vance astrovik says:

    My Top 10 would be:

    1. Hush (big FAIL not including it in your list)
    2. Don’t Breathe
    3. The Witch
    4. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    5. Under the Shadow
    6. Train to Busan
    7. The Shallows
    8. Summer Camp
    9. Lights Out
    10. The Conjuring 2

    The only one I haven’t watched from your list is Green Room (gotta check it out). Ouija 2 and the Boy were bad imo

  8. Doctopus says:

    whoever thinks the witch is scary is a 200 year old catholic grandma , ffs what a piece of shit

  9. Big Rick says:

    The shallows was ok, nothing special but man o man is Blake Lively smoking hot.
    Ryan Reynolds is one lucky fella going from Scarlett Johansson to Blake Lively, that’s some grade A quality American women right there and it took a Canadian boy to lock them down, as a Canadian it gives me hope.
    I’m already Canadian so all I need now is movie star good looks, millions of dollars, a rock hard body and world wide fame and then maybe I too can wife me up some Hollywood hotties.

  10. JohnnyChicago says:

    "Don’t Breathe" was real-feeling (if I was a 18 year old Caucasian male or female living in Detroit), because if I was them I would also feel trapped, useless, unwanted and without hope, and the movie felt current and had a great story line which was convincing.

    Everything else in my opinion was forced, tried way too hard, was a useless sequel, and every trailer for almost every horror movie in 2016 was filled with spoilers and made them all useless to watch.

    So there is no top 3, only one good horror movie of 2016 – "Don’t Breathe."


  11. JoiLove says:

    Train to Busan was UPSETTING. I literally stopped watching the movie about 10 minutes before it was over because the ending was so bad.

  12. David Lesan says:

    I saw The Witch, it was really bad. Seemed really long, boring, bad pacing, very little spooks, almost no explanation or followthrough (and not in a good way like The Thing or Alien, more of an "uh…okay…" way). No real point either, almost seemed like it was going to do something with the religious aspect but it really didn’t. Overall tedious and stressful to watch. It’s slowness and lack of activity might appease the hipster types who think Neutral Milk Hotel is groundbreaking and unique and make a point about saying "film" instead of "movie". The movie It Follows was pretty decent, unrelatedly.

  13. Aleshaa Rees says:

    were are the bloody movie names? Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Frank Rizzo says:

    lights out
    conjuring 2
    Blair Witch

  15. David Loomis says:

    I still need to see Greenroom, but…

    1) 10 Cloverfield Lane
    2) The Witch
    3) Don’t Breathe
    4) The Conjuring 2
    5) Ouija: Origin of Evil

  16. Isa Randall says:

    Green Room wack, The VVitch terrible …… smh…….. The Neon Demon ……..dumb

  17. Howard Plumpkin says:

    Sorry, not trying to advertise all over your stuff. I like your vids and I thought maybe you’d be interested in checking out the horror countdown I posted this morning. Either way, much love.

  18. Stro_benz says:

    Tha autopsy of Jane Doe and Under the Shadows are among the best too

  19. Amun Ra says:

    Train to Busan is in my top 5 list of zombie movie forever.

  20. branda babylove says:

    my top best horror movie.
    1- the conjuring 1,2
    2-don’t breathe
    3-insidious 1,2
    4-drag me to hell
    5-the forest

  21. danielle church says:

    train to busan is a really good movie anyone loves zombies highly recommend this movie subtitles are pretty easy to read non stop action very well made one of the best zombie movies ive seen in many yrs

  22. Aylin CR says:

    Train to Busan!

  23. Jacob Roberson says:

    2016 was a pretty bad year for horror other than a couple… Green room is more of a thriller still an amazing watch. And I have plenty intelligence and didn’t like the Witch just my opinion. It was well shot and acted but once again in my opinion I didn’t find it the least bit scary, which should be a major part of horror. Everyone has different favorites in types of horror and I guess I grew up on Alien and The evil dead and I just wish to feel what I felt back then. Movies lack magic it feels nowadays. I liked don’t breathe but not a movie I would love to watch and see another. Green room was my favorite movie of the year I felt the tension in my stomach.

  24. Johannes Runge says:

    The definition of a horror movie is often to difficult and unprecise to make a good list there.

  25. StabSam says:

    Dont breath is such an a** movie- what are you guys smoking?

  26. danielle church says:

    the forest was lame i didnt care for it the boy is pretty good not scary to me but interesting to watch

  27. Tony Frazier says:

    My definition of horror is very different from other people. I don’t consider Don’t Breathe, The Shallows, 10 Cloverfield Lane, or Green Room to be horror. None of those movies scared me. But that’s just me. My opinion. I expect horror to scare me. Now onto this list. The Witch was probably the worst movie I saw last year. The Forest should be higher. Conjuring 2 should be #1. The Green Room was awesome, even though I don’t consider it horror. And I have Ouija downloaded, just need to watch it. But I’m sure it’s better than just about all these movies. Don’t agree with the order (or most of this list) at all. Again, just my opinion.

  28. Paulo Carreiro says:

    True horror and suspense horror best 4 for 2016!!!

    1) The Conjuring 2
    2) The autopsy of Jane Doe
    3) Ouija: Origin of Evil
    4) The shallows
    4) Don’t Breathe
    5) Cloverfield Lane
    Conjuring 2 still creepy as f*ck, MIGHT BE BETTER THAN THE FIRST|||
    The autopsy ofJane Doe…What a twis, diferente from usualt!!!
    Quija, surprised the f*ck out of me, for the previous ones sucked, loved it!!!
    The shallows the best shark horror movie since the 1980´S for sure…
    Don´t breath… Not a chance to breath. Intence as f*ck till the end!!!
    Clovervield Lane…Great twist!!!

  29. Lamont Baker says:

    good movies

  30. Isa Randall says:

    now the Train to Busan ( 2016 ) looks crazyyyyyyy good

  31. alex ives says:

    best horror of the year 1 fear inc .2 31. 3 dont breath . 4 the neon demon

  32. Kaylee Neufeld says:

    The best horror movie of 2016? Tell Me How I Die. Why? Cuz Ryan Higa’s in it. 😍

  33. Nic Cage says:

    The boy was dumb af

  34. Hieu Phan says:

    Autospy of Jane Doe is the good one so far.

  35. That Horror Show says:

    I just finished my top 5 best a week ago. 2016 was the year for horror.

  36. SeñorCine 89 says:

    Behind of the door. Great moviee

  37. Suave harris says:

    ouija and jane doe was dumb you guys

  38. Walter White says:

    The Witch was deliciously evil, in all the right ways. I’m glad it didn’t rely on jump scares. That gimmick is getting old and predictable. As with The Witch. I truly wondered what happen to the character long after the movie was over. That how good it was. (watch it with subtitle tho)

  39. Shirley Wang says:

    Practicing how to link times in comments XD 0:21

  40. Defying Gravity says:

    I lost it at "The Shallows" and "Neon Demon". My top 10 would be: The Eyes of my Mother , Autopsy of Jane Doe, Jack goes Home, Under the Shadow, The Witch , The Invitation, Hush, Dont Breathe , Lights Out, Southbound

  41. Eduardo Riae says:


  42. PurpleFaze says:

    Ok not trying to say they copied or anything but I’m pretty sure the "train to busan" is just a rip off of world war Z

  43. reksub says:

    Train to bushan should’ve been called "train -28 minutes late".

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