Top 10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2015 – 2016 (TRAILERS)

Top 10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2015 – 2016 (TRAILERS)

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Hi! Today will we be taking a look at the Top 10 Upcoming Horror Movies 2015 – 2016.
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Here are the movies mentioned in video:

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension(2015)

Sinister 2(2015)

The Gallows (2015)

Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

The Vatican Tapes (2015)

Unfriended (2015)

All Hallows’ Eve (2015)

Regression (2015)

Resident Evil 7 : The Final Chapter (2016)

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist (2016)

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48 Responses to Top 10 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES 2015 – 2016 (TRAILERS)

  1. Anglos3115 says:

    All these movies are from 2015 it says in the Descriotion

  2. Shin Uchiha says:

    Unfriended was actually pretty cool imo… i liked it

  3. Rohanjeet Das says:

    Stop the madness!

  4. Niramsor N. says:

    15:40 that face XD

  5. Hello. Bob speaking says:

    I loved the Paranormal Movie sooooooooo much *^*

  6. TheFlyingRoofer says:

    Nice vid!

  7. KingoSnake33 says:

    Ovilously SomeOne Took their "Happy" meal

  8. Alfred Hitchkock says:

    I’ve seen every single one of these movies except for vacation tapes and regression. I’d agree all were great films, but All Hallows Eve was the worst piece of trash I’ve ever seen bar none!

  9. Rak Witch says:

    5 is Věry creepy Kappa 😀

  10. Matthew Delgado says:


  11. Hugo Wild says:

    That last one was not The Conjuring 2.

  12. Alpharaider100 says:

    what this for a song by "The Gallows" ???

  13. Niramsor N. says:

    Bloody mary my shit

  14. παναγιωτης αρβανιτακης says:

    That wasn’t conjuring’s 2 trailer bro.

  15. Alpharaider100 says:

    what this song by The Gallows ??

  16. tim cook says:

    the vatican tapes and regression r the only ones worth watching out of these. rest all is shitty jump scares or creepy faces.
    insidious was pretty unique of a concept though.

  17. lawma sathing says:

    No 1 thats not the conjuring 2,sucker

  18. Eric says:

    Cheap jump scares are not horror, it’s a body’s natural reaction. Directors seriously need to step up their game…

  19. Rak Witch says:

    2. Dead headphones 😁

  20. Destaine Green says:

    ty 0982o1lslxb
    qoxh8whxn9zkogxnhbb8nhhhhdiow9 10dj2j9o2id01jd0n4


  21. Gal ツ says:

    all of those movies are fucking boring really i just can sleep while watching it. horror movies now a days are pretty lame

  22. ja ofni says:

    Tbh i dont enjoy watching these movies like ‘Evil dead’ and ‘The cabin in the woods’

    my fav sort of horror movies are like ‘The conjuring 1 and 2’
    ‘Insidous every chapter’
    im just more a fan of the demonic movies where not every one gets killed brutally

  23. Kasia Baldassari says:


  24. Mad Penguin says:

    Such weak assed movies.
    Must be the age of the directors – young.

    If I were to write and direct a horror movie, you’d be looking behind yourself whilst you shit your pant

  25. Aurora Chimuco says:

    5 is good😅👺

  26. Alpharaider100 says:

    What is this for a Song ??? 7:10 – 8:00 <Thank you for info>

  27. Jasmine Kinnie says:

    Toby is a child molester.

  28. Grace Elizabeth says:

    How was the Sinister sequel?I loved the first one,sooo…Also,what’s the name of the song The Gallows used?More questions,is the Insidious saga good?What interested me was the creators.How’s All Hallows’ Eve?Seems decent enough,I’m actually kinda interested.

  29. Roman Minárik says:

    7:18 – 7:45 song???

  30. Rob M says:

    PA5 was pretty good until everyone started dying. I was hoping they were actually going to end it x.x

  31. Veiko Prosso says:

    resident evil 7 is action without horror

  32. Damian Cristian says:

    i found it ..the song is Think Up Anger- Smells Like Teen Spirit

  33. Angel G says:

    What if we make a horror movie where the protagonist is *all alone*.

    Completely isolated.

    And the audience gets to watch the decent to madness when you’re left alone with your own thoughts for a long ass time.

  34. tim cook says:

    to all hp fans: 17:41: RJ Lupin:)

  35. Bodenlose Dosenhose says:

    Seems, all nowadays horror films do is solely rely on cheap jumpscares instead of building up a great atmosphere and thick suspension (except maybe It Follows). Sad.

  36. forresttown says:

    19:03 Rodrick!!! Loaded diaper brooooo

  37. tom tom says:

    i am looking for horror movies where there are a lot of people groups of friends that DIE like in Satanic released in 2016 or Evil Dead the remake or Texas Chainsaw 3D or Friend Request etc, i like horrors where a lot of people DIE and it must not be in some isolated area it must happen in the city where there are copious amounts of people. I want demons or dead spirits that kill with jump scares with lots of blood and gore, it does not always have to be too bloody though. Recommend me some horror movies they must be kind of new lol, i am not into old horrors that much, i prefer from horror movies from the 2000’s upward is cool.

  38. Sheepy says:

    Acutally All Hollows Eve really scared me

  39. Isabely Fernandes says:


  40. gotta get that cash Mula says:

    does anybody remember hearing about the mainly all black i think jamaican casted scary movie that was coming out sometime soon, or already did. it was somewhat like the conjuring. I saw previews for it but can’t find it for shit

  41. Niklas Jackowski says:

    conjouring 2 was soooooooo bad… not scary at all…

  42. OutraFronteira says:

    Discover new erotic atmospheric horror content on

  43. Viktor Leharov says:

    anyone noticed that since 7:26 this girl is singing smells like teen spirit 😀

  44. jonathan ellmann says:

    why the hell did you put number 2 as something that is fake? way to fuck up a good list. that was the dumbest thing you could do congrats you are a idiot…

  45. Andrew says:

    5:00 scared the shit out of me

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