MovieBandits pick their TOP 10 SCARRIEST UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES of 2016!

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List of the movies mentioned in the video:

#10. Annabelle 2 (0:11)
#9. The Other Side Of The Door (0:55)
#8. Leatherface (3:23)
#7. The Purge 3 (5:15)
#6. The Witch (8:05)
#5. Amityville – The Awakening (10:38)
#4. The Boy (13:06)
#3. The Forest (15:40)
#2. Jeruzalem (16:44)
#1. The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Experiement (18:24)

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47 Responses to TOP 10 UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES of 2016 (TRAILERS) Part 1

  1. Caleb White says:

    the boy was not that scary

  2. longliverocknroll5 says:

    I love coming back to these videos a year later and seeing which movies were shit and which were good.
    The *only* film that *actually* came out in 2016 from this list that was good was The VVitch. Good acting, creepy atmosphere, restrained tone. One of the best of the year.

  3. mary patawanick says:

    Useing my grandmas account okay} mostly I like the purge

  4. Cami Peterson says:

    Huge scary movie fan here!
    I don’t scary easily anymore (by movies anyway – my imagination though, shit!). So here’s my take on the list – I’ve noted the ones I have not yet seen but I still added my opinion of the trailer. For anyone wanting to see any that I’ve seen, this should add some context to help you determine how scary they might be for you.

    I also just watched Lights Out the other night, and although it had a few good jumpscares, I didn’t find it particularly scary.

    #10 – Annabelle – Actually pretty dang creepy, but not the scariest I’ve seen. Better than I thought it would be though.

    #9 – The Other Side of the Door – haven’t seen. Looks lame.

    #8 – Leatherface – haven’t seen and won’t see. I find slasher movies more disturbing than scary.

    #7 – The Purge 3 – haven’t seen, looks lame. The first one was meh.

    #6 – The Witch – haven’t seen, but looks interesting. Different than the typical crap out there, at least.

    #5 – Amityville – haven’t seen, won’t see. It’s been done, move on people!

    #4 – The Boy – interesting twist, love the actress. But I wouldn’t say it’s scary other than a couple of creepy parts.

    #3 – The Forest – love the actress, but probably won’t see. Looks kinda lame.

    #2 – JeruZalem – wasn’t really feeling the preview, but I wouldn’t refuse to see it I guess.

    #1 – The Conjuring 2 – creepy parts, but overall not very scary. I really do like the actors that play the Warren couple though. And that nun….eeeek!

  5. Sumit Chauhan says:

    The Witch was terrifying

  6. Cruel Creations says:

    Most of these are pretty good. I know because ive seen them.

  7. Arsalan says:

    what is at #6?

  8. Ethan Birkholtz says:

    slender men

  9. Zeynep Feyza Macan says:

    the seventh one looks stupid af

  10. StabbyMcBlade says:

    ok so Annabelle 2 isn’t out til mid 2017. And The Witch is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen, intact I’ve never met anyone that thought it was good, let alone one of the best horrors of 2016

  11. Oliwia Anna says:

    how is a kid going "baa" scary 😂😂😂

  12. MoonMan says:

    The "Leatherface" trailer was the trailer of Texas Chainsaw 3D….

  13. Ami Berger says:

    Is "The Forest" inspired by the Suicide Forest in Japan?

  14. Cory Flores says:

    This list was trash.

  15. Blue Diamond says:

    the Leater Face guy, aint beat Jason

  16. Hailey Babi says:

    I hope that whole Purge thing was just a joke, cuz that was funny asf f

  17. bun hunt says:

    annabelle 2 was in 2017!!

  18. Edwin Herrera says:

    god is with me i pray for god👼😇

  19. mary patawanick says:

    And the Forest I watched it really scary
    And the one that is behind her ehh
    (Useing my grandmas account)

  20. Jedaa says:

    The fact that they are just normal people.

  21. awkward af says:

    I didn’t know that Taylor Kinney was in the forest. I wonder if Lady GaGa watched that movie.

  22. Edwin Herrera says:

    your right tom sam

  23. Amin Khan says:

    i do not have the guts to wach any horror movies

  24. Grace Enjaynes says:

    can i know if amityville is already showing ornot?

  25. PCGamer says:

    Movie number 10. is stupid

  26. Kevin Lopez says:

    the purge 3 never came out?

  27. Michał Wiechowski says:

    Conjuring 2 is such a crap, I can’t believe why it makes to the top of the lists… One was good but not this one.

  28. Qhalysha B.Smith says:

    Has anyone watch ‘Amityville: The Awakening’?

  29. Edwin Herrera says:

    the purge no good😧😧😧😱😱😱😦😦😦😫😫😫😩😩😩

  30. JoiLove says:

    #10. Annabelle 2 0:11
    #9. The Other Side Of The Door 0:55
    #8. Leatherface 3:23
    #7. The Purge 3 5:15
    #6. The Witch 8:05
    #5. Amityville – The Awakening 10:38
    #4. The Boy 13:06
    #3. The Forest 15:40
    #2. Jeruzalem 16:44
    #1. The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield Experiement 18:24

  31. Nicolás Faundez Astorga says:


  32. Edwin Herrera says:

    annabelle. was not good😟

  33. Ajay Chaturvedi says:

    conjuring 2
    is a bad movie

  34. zamaya james says:


  35. Δημήτριος Πατσιάνης says:

    Dislike!This video doesn’t even contain the actual movie trailers!!!For fack’s sake the trailer from the move Purge 3 isn’t even the real movie, but it is a video from another youtube!!!!Moreover the movie on 3:23 isn’t called Leatherface but Texas Chainsaw 3D!!!OMG delete this video for real it doesn’t even deserve the views and likes it has got so far……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Amera المالكي says:

    the boy is A good movie

  37. PokeGamer Studios says:

    wow #2 was very racsist.

  38. Shadowist Gölgeci Tarikatı says:

    jaruzalem is stupid film why this film in top 10 why why realy bad film not horror film

  39. King M8 says:

    You suck all these movies are before 2016 -.- e.g the other side of the door ,anabelle,texas chainsaw massacre (2013)

  40. MrFluffysteel says:

    Lots of critics on here…wouldn’t know a good horror film if it possessed them.

  41. Jono says:

    The boy movie makes annabelle look like a children’s movie

  42. Banafsha Yousafzai says:

    "THE BOY" is the worst movie ever!!!

  43. Edwin Herrera says:

    i love this💜💙❤💙💛💝💒

  44. Synergy Knights says:

    the brother from shameless

  45. shyam pabari says:

    you are the worst these are to to to to scary

  46. Oliwia Anna says:

    Amityville: The Awakening comes out June 2017 wtf

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