Top 15 Best Upcoming Horror Movies in 2017

Top 15 Best Upcoming Horror Movies in 2017

Narrated by Cody Osborne:
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Narrated by: Cody Osborne
Written by: jessicaholom
Edited by: The Benson Bros.


“Day of Chaos” “The Escalation” “Evening of Chaos” “Echoes of Time” “Static Motion” “Ice Demon” “Hush Full Mix (Edited)”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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45 Responses to Top 15 Best Upcoming Horror Movies in 2017

  1. Noel Carter says:

    When Hollywood remakes a movie
    It flops the original are better

  2. Alisa SuperGirlyGamer says:

    I cant wait fot "it" but im afraid if it gonna be shitty

  3. x Sit Down Boi x says:

    More like spoiler alerts

  4. B34ST 420 says:

    World war z is my favorite movie

  5. Sociade Anonymia says:

    horror movies now days are gay

  6. Nikki A says:

    John Carpenter is making the new Halloween? hell ya!!

  7. joseph perez says:

    Friday the 13th is cancelled

  8. Dylan Castano says:

    I’ve given up on jeepers creepers 3

  9. Annabelle Lecter says:

    No more remakes….please. 🙁

  10. switchinblades says:


  11. Ericka Z says:

    why are you giving entire rundowns, scene by scene, of this original when you have no idea of the remake? you could’ve cut this length in half, easily.. tell us the movie, tell us the release, give a lil trivia.. done..

  12. Hunter wolfe says:

    I swear to god if anyone makes one more horror movie about a family moving in to a haunted house..

  13. William Jackson says:

    actually Friday the 13th has been cancelled

  14. Guardian of the Night says:

    I just hope they don’t fuck IT up.

  15. Steve Duplantie says:


  16. cjtier says:

    Wow. Thanks for spoiling almost all these movies.

  17. Ericka Z says:

    the new Halloween isn’t even related to the remakes that he speaks of.. it’s a reboot or throwback to the original series.. Not a sequel to the remake.. get your shit together..

  18. Noah awx says:

    Can we have Chills back? I love his voice, his monotone voice was kinda special and made these videos more cool I think. The new dude is also cool, but not as good as chills. Also, I’ve never complained about Chills voice. Many people do, sadly.

  19. Tiara Robinson says:

    damn number 13…

  20. jceyx _ says:

    resident evil was not close to scary.

  21. hatoru17 says:

    I don’t have high hopes for the remake of IT but we’ll see  when trailers come outwhen trailers come out  when trailers come out for it.  Everything else here seems pretty good but most people have already panned the last Resident Evil installment.

  22. Joseph Anthony says:

    Damn you forgot (Saw Legacy) how could you leave that one out.

  23. James Ruiz says:

    this is content that makes top 15 a great YouTube page

  24. Epic Burger says:

    you’re a good narrator but why the hell are explaining movies that already came out I just want to hear about upcoming movies

  25. Mike Morris says:

    A narrator that talks without a strange accent, speach impediment, and can pronounce words correctly? Wtf is this channel?

  26. Jen Poole says:

    Never seeing remakes of Halloween and Friday the 13th. They should never get remakes since the originals are really good.

  27. emely says:

    guess what? my man finn finna be on "IT" lmaooo yesss

  28. Jen Poole says:

    I will DEFINITELY check out Insidious 4. 😀 I love the series (the first one is my personal favorite.)

  29. Alex Thibodeau says:

    The Bye Bye Man better be on here…

  30. Michael K Goode says:

    28 Months Later already. By the time that movie gets made everyone who was into the series is gonna be Dead. Zombies are so passe but that’s one I have been waiting for! I can’t believe they can make part 2 & 3s of Stupid Doll & Ghost movies, but can’t bring 28 Months to Life.

  31. SCP1359 SWAT says:

    hmm the SCP

  32. Joseph S Ⓥ says:

    Horror must be awful for your subconscious mind and pineal gland

  33. Mrs.M says:

    Why do you explain and spoil every single movie on this list? I want to know a little bit of the plot and if the film is good or bad… not the whole story retold.

  34. Riley Freeman says:

    Deathouse sounds like saw x outlast

  35. vivian hawkins says:

    I love Stephen king’s stories

  36. Ivan Garavito says:

    i thought saw legacy was going to be here

  37. JasonFrerking says:

    Way to ruin Suspiria for everyone. Telling people to watch the remake and then run down EVERYTHING that happens in the movie?

  38. Martin Flores says:

    I wish they made a remake of mortal Kombat

  39. cjtier says:

    I guess you’re not going to talk about the big controversy with "It"?

  40. Angoose Freezer says:

    Insidious chapter 4 keen af anyone else?

  41. Kieran Campire says:

    I really liked the movie/tv show special thing, whatever it is called XD of IT, so i read the book one day, although it was scary as fuck and had some really great scenes that the movie thing didn’t, i just couldn’t do it!

    I grew up being abused, I’m gay, and a lot of my family are racist and it bothers me a lot, so all the homophobia, racism, but even the sexist stuff that always lead into abuse, it just triggered too many bad childhood memories and i just physically couldn’t do it, loved the book, super scary, great writing, and some great scenes, but yeah, it just was too upsetting for me to get through, if anyone has had a happy and healthy life style, i really recommend it though!

  42. B34ST 420 says:

    Finally jepers crepers 3

  43. Thomas Taylor says:

    next time put up a spoiler alert moron

  44. Queen Kimmy Allsorts says:

    Hate to be the voice of correction but from what everybody from Collider Nightmares to Movie Math are saying is that the new Friday the 13th has been cancelled

  45. Gay is The way says:

    I can’t wait for Alien: Covenant. Im excited as fuck. YOU CAN’T FORGET ABOUT IT!

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