Top 26 Scariest Horror Movies – Jump Scares (Try Not To Get scared)

Top 26 Scariest Horror Movies – Jump Scares (Try Not To Get scared)

there is many horror movies but This is my opinion plz enjoy the most Top best Horror Movies of all time
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Top 26 Scariest Horror Movies
Top 26 Scariest Horror Movies
Top best Horror Movies of all time 2015 2016
2016 2016 2016 2016
Top best Horror Movies of all time

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47 Responses to Top 26 Scariest Horror Movies – Jump Scares (Try Not To Get scared)

  1. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, i just started my youtube channel and i’m doing stuff about
    horror so if you’re horror fan check my content i would rly appreciate
    it 🙂

  2. AobaYAOI says:

    Whats horror 13:14

  3. Red Sheep says:

    now how do I sleep?

  4. I Need More Books says:

    the grudge is not scary but I love it

  5. MysticM777 says:

    I didn’t like hostel

  6. BlackTerror says:

    wij waren echt niet bang ( echt wel ) tering vid de duivel pakt jouw in je kont

  7. WhiteFighterPVP Plays says:

    Aww crap im on mobile

  8. CloudTheKid RS says:

    I didn’t flinch, it wasn’t that scary.

  9. MysticM777 says:

    a good horror has to be horror a little gore but not over the top hostle was enough lots of jump scares but fffing realistic. I’ve just watched REC and second. not too bad but not enough for a fix.

  10. BIG GUCCI SOULJA #dracoboy says:

    This shit was on an automatic playlist and this scared the shit out of me

  11. Johnny Cha says:

    22:32 Uh huh thats my shit…all the girls wanna be like this

  12. Sumit Chauhan says:

    REC got me

  13. ZYZIO PL says:

    i watch this in night, no lights, full screen AND??? Its soooo funny xD i can scary

  14. Alexander Carver says:

    I felt like I was on mushrooms with the camera moving around like that

  15. darkenmarr says:

    I must be dead inside…. none of these made me jump.

  16. MysticM777 says:

    if they made things more realistic to many overdone beautiful women play the part it becomes a bit fake and when they do this holding the camera shit that should b more believable shake it a bit more let us get the experience that u are shit terrified. need real looking people and a shaky hand lol

  17. Oliwia Galeja says:

    at 13:03 it really reminds me of fnaf sister location becomes he is calling her baby 😮

  18. Neisha Went AWOL says:

    HERE’S JOHNNY! 😂😂😂😂
    Damn u gotta love Mortal Kombat

  19. Caroline says:

    Haha I’m crying at the one where she went from being sweet to being burned at the stake oh my god who even made that?? Tf it wasn’t really a jump scare but whatever

  20. paula wesley says:

    Jesus Christ 0.0 I did pool in my pants 0.0

  21. Lasseown says:

    the shining isnt scary..

  22. CloudTheKid RS says:


  23. Pine Peak Entertainment says:

    damn, the first was heavy 🙂

  24. Sidd Arta says:

    what is the name of the movie at 3:38 ?

  25. Hh Ana says:

    OMG that so scary

  26. Red Sheep says:

    when u see a ghost hidden or going to ur bed is a bad idea just try to run.

  27. Caroline says:


  28. code:x gaming says:

    I shot myself at .21

  29. Angelina Miles says:

    Omg I jumped through all of them but not the first one lol good vid 🙂

  30. Jenissa2004 says:

    r.i.p. headphone users

  31. Supreme Shawn says:

    23:57 HOOOOOOOOLLLLY SHIT the knocking sounds scared tha shit outta me when i had on headshots … got me paranoid like fuck worst it was midnight … just try it with headphones

  32. Kővári Márton says:

    wtf 😂😂😂

  33. Harry Hunt says:

    Its only the music that makes it scary, have you ever watched a horror film without the music, its hilarious just actors looking at each other looking worried and breathing.

  34. Kuba Rozprówacz says:

    takie słabe albo ma coś z głową nie tak

  35. Jacob Kay says:

    I did not get scerd

  36. Allonex says:

    This was not scary this was stupid

  37. Gabbi says:

    fuck you bitch i was scared

  38. Thehybridgamer107 2.0 says:

    1: 0:13

  39. Dj TooP says:

    2:36 movie name plz

  40. Maria Hernandez says:

    Wow nothing happened to me

  41. SirBeautimus says:

    I didn’t find this scary.

  42. IRISH SAM says:

    Most of the clips were Gay as Fuck .

    The ‘ woman in Black ‘ , was Spooky Shit !

  43. Some Russkie says:

    Horror movies need to quit the video camera perspective, it was interesting the first time, but now it’s annoying

  44. Rogério Giovani da Rosa says:

    Godammit Shaking cam

  45. Road_to_ BigStar says:

    23:50 I rly get rekt by this knocking on headphones

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