Top 5 BEST Horror Films 2016

Top 5 BEST Horror Films 2016

Horror films have ended their run this year. Austin comes out to share his favorite horror films of 2016!

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47 Responses to Top 5 BEST Horror Films 2016

  1. kendall hood says:

    you gotta watch it follows

  2. Ryan R. says:

    I have not seen many horror movies this year, but out of every single one that I’ve seen, the only ones I genuinely love are The Shallows and Don’t Breathe. And yes. Don’t Breathe is my Number 1 while The Shallows is my Number 2.

  3. Alex Meyer says:

    I had a feeling The Witch would be your #1

  4. pete loaf says:

    Hush was just Don’t Breathe but with a deaf woman instead of a blind man. And Don’t Breathe is just a rip off of the classic Wait Until Dark, but with a "good guy" who’s less likable than the bad guys

  5. asma says:

    didn’t you watch Incidious 1 . 2 and 3

  6. Doug Greg says:

    You don’t need to apologize if people don’t agree with YOUR list. If some d-bag bitches about your choices, tell ’em to fuck off and move on.

  7. THARPER says:

    (*grabs bleach*)

  8. WwwWario says:

    Honestly, my list is exactly the same. The Witch is one of the most unique and terrifying movies I’ve seen, not only this year, but in general. Finally a movie that actually has atmosphere, that has something laying beneath everything to give a general sense of creepyness, a movie without jumpscares every minute or two. This movie has a special feeling to it because of the setting, the build-up and general atmosphere, the characters, the music – everything just clashes perfectly. And I’m Norwegian, so fairytales, folk lore and folk tales of old times with big farms, trolls in the woods and witches – all of that is a big part of me, so that added even more to this movie for me. Love it. Can’t wait to see it again.

  9. Adrienne 666 says:

    I liked lights out, hush, and the conjuring 2. I haven’t seen the witch so i’m going to go watch it now!

  10. Jayden says:

    I thought don’t breathe was better than the witch, I’ve seen all the movies on this list and the list kind of confused me I should probably watch it again but eh

  11. curioussebastian says:

    I’ve seen Before I Wake. It’s Flanagan’s best film.

  12. Ahmad Zaeem says:

    under the shadow can be added to the list

  13. Late Movie Reviews says:

    Wow. I only liked Don’t Breathe this year. That’s my only good horror film or 2016 and it’s a 6/10 for me.

  14. Meatduck says:

    1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe
    2. The Witch
    3. Under the Shadow
    4. The Wailing
    5. 10 Cloverfield Lane

  15. Cogan's Run says:

    Not sure if this will count as a horror film but I found Nocturnal Animals to be downright unsettling but in the best way. I also really enjoyed The Neon Demon, although that really doesn’t become a horror film until the last 30 minutes or so. Nonetheless nice list you got there.

  16. Devon Munn says:

    Austin, if you are obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials, I would recommend Salem, its a show where its an alternative take on the witch trails, its really creepy

  17. David Loomis says:

    1) The Witch
    2) Don’t Breathe
    3) The Conjuring 2
    4) Ouija: Origin of Evil
    5) They Look Like People

  18. Stori Shay says:

    Is it just me or did someone punch you in the neck between #5 and #4? Not trolling, just wondering. Lol…..Love the list! The Witch started off a little slow, but was worth the build up in tension. Keep up the good work Austin! <3

  19. Faisal Hadi says:

    1. The Conjuring 2
    2. Don’t Breath
    3. Hush
    4. Ouija
    5. The Boy

  20. Nick Canino says:

    5. Lights Out4. Ouija: Origin of Evil 3. The Conjuring 22. Don’t Breathe 1. The Witch

  21. zanna90 says:

    Did you see The Wailing??

  22. Mg Mg says:

    Hush, I haven’t seen yet.
    Don’t breath … goes really well until Cindy’s death. All until that part is quite original and creepy but then … all goes down hill and predictable.
    And again … THE WITCH is far far away the best and most inventive among these jungle of rubbish since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.
    LIGHTS OUT ? well, the short movie is a master piece if we compare with this new one …
    – when Hollywood will get oit of this stupid formula for horror movies based upon " a boy or girl, and/or a "naked" woman?

  23. Timber Humphrey says:

    The Witch was great, but i honestly think The Conjuring 2 and Don’t Breathe were a little bit better

  24. Brown Bomber says:

    The Witch really!! The best is The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

  25. Meatduck says:

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe should’ve been the first!

  26. CindyN Cole says:

    conjuring 2 was the scariest movie of all πŸ˜‚…. hush and don’t breathe was the best movie on 2016…πŸ”₯

  27. Eddy Spagetti says:

    lost interest before it started.. you went on too long about your cousin’s girlfriend’s list.

  28. Kanvas King says:

    Watched them all but The Witch. this is until last night. I decided to give it a go and oh man! It definitely is worth the watch and an awesome movie! The storyline, the acting and the production all A+++! Epic movie and my #1 fav horror of 2016 then Don’t Breath coming in 2nd then The Conjuring 2 was good, PETS is a good one as well and…thinking..I liked Rob Zombies 31.

  29. TheYoungblood46 says:

    You need to take a look at the Korean zombie horror film Train to Busan. Way better than World War Z.

  30. Manslaughter says:

    I loved (not in any order) Hush, The Neon demon, The Witch, Ouija 2(only the creepy girl’s acting) green room. I haven’t seen don’t breathe but any big Hollywoodfilm like conjuring or lights out are too cheesy. I will watch don’t breath 😊 great list

  31. Jon Stewart says:

    Go see Moonlight. It is the best film of the year in my opinion. Don’t make the Top 10 without it.

  32. Caleb Boggess says:

    we agree to disagree I hated don’t breathe. here’s my list for the best horror movies of this year #5: lights out, #4: the forrest #3 hush #2 the conjuring 2 and my favorite horror movie of this year is definitely the disappointments room that movie scared the crap out of me, it got stuck in my mind after I left the theater and u feel like you’re in that room experiencing this bad things in that room. the disappointments room is definitely the best horror film of this year.

  33. Kenneth Desmond Mosley says:

    have you seen train to busan?

  34. AlexOVarietyHour says:

    I didn’t see The Novelist on your list.

  35. Murilo Goulart says:

    The Witch is a real good movie but all the others of your list … 100% RUBBISH.

  36. supermariofan03 says:

    "This is MY list" Oh really? I thought it was your mother’s.

  37. Alfie says:

    Do you only watch mainstream American horror, majority of those films except the witch are films that have been done many times and better.

  38. Hector Gonzalez says:

    I’m totally with you on Hush! I also saw myself yelling at the screen several times while watching it! Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The Witch was such a fantastic film as well! The ending really had me SHOOK! 😱

  39. CA Cougar says:

    5. The Shallows (I know it’s more of a thriller, but it has some scary moments)
    4. Lights Out
    3. Don’t Breathe
    2. Hush
    1. The Conjuring 2

  40. Murilo Goulart says:

    Yes.I saw 5 times each: HUSH and THE WITCH … so far, the best of these last years. My kind.

  41. 남 남 says:

    Did you see the wailing ?

  42. Jordy Baby says:

    In my humble opinion, this is a weak list. The Witch is solid as well, but the others are bland to me, but I respect your opinions and love your green screen technique. Blows mine out of the water.

  43. Kasey Taylor says:

    I just watched Hush and it was hands down the best horror movie I’ve ever seen!!

  44. gcolbyp says:

    5. Lights Out
    4. The Shallows (if it counts)
    3. Ouija: Origin of Evil
    2. The Conjuring 2
    1. Don’t Breathe

  45. TallGeorges says:

    I can only agree with your ranking because they’re all great horror movies. I feel like 2016 was poor in terms of really great horror projects, here’s my list of horror :

    Conjuring 2 (bluffed by the soundtrack, shots and OMG the scene in the Warren’s house where Valak appears in the corridor, woah)
    Don’t Breathe (surprised by the intensity)
    Hush (amazing suspense and originality)
    The Invitation (most intense project since 2010)
    Green Room (creative and well-made)
    The Witch (unique)
    The Boy (kinda clichΓ© but it definetely worked)
    10 Cloverfield Lane (intensity, well shot

  46. Brandon Layne says:

    I remember you saying you did research because we discussed it on a comment thread in a YouTube video showing the baby cut-up scene from this movie

  47. Random TV says:

    Now like you said at the start of the video it’s just you opinion and that’s cool but the Witch in my opinion the only good part was the ending apart from that it was slow and boring. But as I said that’s your choice and I’m not complaining.

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