Top 5 Best Horror Sequels in Movie History

Top 5 Best Horror Sequels in Movie History

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What are the best horror sequels of all time? In honor of Halloween, the staff of ScreenCrush rank their favorites. Did yours make the cut?

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Written & narrated by Matt Singer (, edited by Paul Ritchey (

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49 Responses to Top 5 Best Horror Sequels in Movie History

  1. De4dPoo1 says:

    That is bull shit, aliens is not a good movie. Are you ok with the exchange of pure horror and suspense with Ripley killing every single alien withouth breaking a sweat? Or even better, killing the fucking queen of aliens with almost no difficulty. On its own it is a good movie, but as a sequel i was really pissed

  2. coned says:


  3. X-MISMA-X says:

    the 2007 remake of Dawn of the Dead was better than the original

  4. Rafaelinho Hernandez says:

    I prefer Day of the Dead more

  5. kurtemeigh says:

    Oh yea. Aliens is an incredible stand alone movie let alone sequel.

  6. Jiggley Krowzer says:

    I actually think Blair Witch 2 was a fuckin awesome sequel and idea but the studio fucked up Joe Berlinger’s vision. It’s still good though.

  7. Philemon 1:3 says:

    I Liked Psycho II.

  8. Paesito Paez says:

    Scream 2 ???

  9. Niels Vissing says:

    Army of darkness is a cinematic masterpiece.

  10. Bryce Clifford Productions says:

    Army of Darkness technically it’s own movie.

  11. MKFormerW1N says:

    I guessed aliens the second I saw the title. Favorite movie of all time.

  12. MegaMonster Man says:

    i watched army of darkness yesterday it was really funny and badass

  13. Dantes Den says:

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2. It’s so stupid it’s awesome!

  14. luís eduardo pereira says:

    Evil Dead II >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Army of Darkness.

  15. Makeda Nunnally says:

    man, poor flyboy.

  16. kurtemeigh says:

    Is Army of Darkness really a horror movie?

  17. otaku 22 says:

    i Iiked a few of the haIIoween sequels

  18. Joseph Stalin says:


  19. David Hernandez says:

    i love this list but i cant believe you guys left off nightmare on elm street 3 the dream warriors

  20. Joseph Lawson says:

    Matt singer what the hell is your YouTube channel

  21. vitalalive69 says:

    Army of darkness is one of gthe best movies of all times and that for such a small budget, its not money but originality and creativity that makes a movie a good movie ! Hollywood now sucks they are lucky they have gthe comics superheroes they can tap into !

  22. Domingos Junior says:

    No ju-on 2?
    no Dario Argento’s Inferno?
    No Nightmare on elm Street 2?

  23. AttilatheThrilla says:

    Where the fuck is the Devils Rejects??

  24. X-MISMA-X says:

    Best of all Psycho II also starred the tantalizing Meg Tilley, before she quit Hollywood

  25. anthonsya sounti says:

    Army of Darkness is one of my classic favourite !!

  26. RandomAsshole says:

    i was expecting terminator 2 to be on the list.

  27. gregsky01 says:

    Why do people love the remake of Dawn of the Dead? It’s to the stage where people seem to recognise that more than Romeros original. I hate the remake. I hate the running zombies, I hate how over the top it all is. What was great about the original is that it was gruesome in the right doses but also focused on the characters and how they were slowly being altered by the apocalypse in having to stay holed up in an abandoned shopping mall, having to constantly watch their backs, it was perfect. The remake just tried to amp everything up and it became a generic splatter fest.

  28. Son of a brain eating , lame feeding Female dog says:

    I love psycho more than psycho 2&3

  29. paul Z says:

    "Citizen Kane 2 The Quickening". I Lol’d

  30. Alex Cooper says:

    Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

  31. The ghost of Sammy classic Sonic fan says:

    Aliens and Army of Darkness are action movies, and damn good ones. But now I kinda wanna watch the sequel to psycho, just because I love killer stories that show life from the view of a deranged psychopath just trying to survive with their illness

  32. biff322 says:

    All of these movies are some of my top favorites.

  33. Mike Vaughn says:

    Dude TBW2 was a good movie PLUS the studio totally fucked the directors original vision.. Maybe do your homework before you bash a movie…

  34. Kelly Coulon says:

    I would add The Devil’s Rejects – awesome, gritty horror, blows the original House of 1000 Corpses out of the water, IMO.

  35. Mike Vaughn says:

    Also Evil dead 2 is the better film. period…

  36. Naj Kraemer says:

    Ash Vs Evil Dead is awsome also 😀

  37. Renato Pastor says:

    What, no Exorcist 3??? Seriously, that movie is criminally underrated.

  38. Briar Jensen says:

    Army of darkness is probably the worst movie that was good enough for me to sit through the whole thing.

  39. Bruce Cox says:

    you should review ash vs evil dead tv show

  40. swampthing94 says:

    I actually like Day of the Dead more than Dawn

  41. Philip Monihan says:

    Let’s hear it for Bride of Frankenstein!

  42. James Wilson says:

    Army of Darkness is awesome. Looking forward to the series that’s being filmed!

  43. Daniel Mashanic says:

    Aliens isn’t even a horror movie!!!!!!! It’s an action movie!!!!!!

    Also, Evil Dead II is the best of the trilogy.

  44. cthroat Bill says:

    What? no Hellraiser 2?

  45. coned says:

    i thought blair witch 2 was AWESOME! you all suck. >;////////

  46. Anthony Voorhees says:

    Bitch if alien is part of your list of horror than nigga kill yourself

  47. Ryan Cox says:

    Nice list man. Here’s the one I came up with:

    5. Halloween II (1981)
    4. A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors (1987)
    3. Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
    2. Army Of Darkness (1993)
    1. The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

  48. Horrormoviefan 1988 says:

    Where’s Halloween 2 A Nightmare on elm street 3 or maybe Child’s play 2 Phantasm 2 and of course The Exorcist 3

  49. ObieG93 says:

    Halloween has one of the best horror sequel.

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