Top 5 best Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 -Trailers

Top 5 best Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 -Trailers

Top 5 best Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

Movies List :

Underworld 5 Blood Wars

Amityville The Awakening

The Bye Bye Man

The Ring 3

Annabelle 2

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36 Responses to Top 5 best Upcoming Horror Movies 2017 -Trailers

  1. Stephani Hellwege says:

    billiger Müll!! all trash

  2. cletus cassidy says:

    I love it in movies when someone says…."you open up.a door" 😂😂😂

  3. ღLmaqq ღ says:

    1. The neck cracking…oh Jesus
    2. I have already seen this movie(I highly suggest watching it)
    3. Hmm… it looks..ok?
    4. Lmao no thanks
    5. ew no

  4. Bianca Hinojosa says:

    I didn’t know about anebelle 2

  5. Eveyanda Harrison says:

    Annabelle was a short trailer if u agree

  6. kidloog says:

    how about something original, sos

  7. Myriah trotsenko says:

    I’ve been forever for a new annabelle movie. they’re the BEST. i wonder if there will be an insidious chapter 4

  8. Brock Vanzandt says:

    I can’t wait for jeepers creepers 3

  9. bendy and borris m says:

    why she drop the cross stupid

  10. Rob Fehily says:

    Good grief these movies look terrible. For anyone in search of a decent horror I suggest watching The VVitch: A New England Folk Tale. Ben Wheatley’s Kill List is also worth a watch. As is The Babadook. Enjoy these films, and forget the trashy, jump-scare cheapness you see in this video.

  11. Galaxy Kats says:

    the one with Bella throne the story isn’t true..oh and….BYE BYE MAN BYE BYE MAN BYE BYE MAN

  12. Lilu P says:


  13. Bryan Rolston says:

    The music that you added over top of the trailers didn’t add to the creepiness, it’s just distracting and out of place at a lot of parts.

  14. Paul Paul says:

    No shit the original ring was really good it doesn’t need a remake

  15. kemoshabee geronimo says:

    ang panget

  16. kanika fernandes says:

    can someone please suggest if i should watch "rings" or no???

  17. Ashutosh Mukherjee says:

    though the bg music is good, it ruins the video

  18. Mr. Funnyman/videos says:

    bye bye man is copying boogeyman, right?

  19. Joris LH says:

    underworld 5 looks stupid, it doesn’t even look like horror movie


    what the fuck?.. amityville is 2015 movie.. not 2017

  21. Johnathan G says:

    The bye bye man was a terrible film. The acting and story line seriously was off. Money wasted.

  22. Desiigner Houston says:

    best video ever loved it 😃😃😃 but scared asf now

  23. SB challenges!! says:

    wheres chucky 7 ?

  24. sophie roy says:

    ici c’est si rapide que dans les 7 jours exposant un mort vivant ,
    cela devient qu’un prochainement .
    …..UNe semaine est la limite qui vient….
    Une fois l’appel donné , le 7 jours dit : dans moins de 7 jours un mort sera devant dans tes dents……a cause que t’ai encore vivant  …
    Un corps pas encore mort mis dans bol a excrément est une normalité pour toute harmonie qui pourrai être avec l’humain d’aujourd’hui….
    Un 7 jours étant qu’un détour pour dire amour, ( dans les prochains jours, un être vivant sera mis devant dans de l’excrément ) c’est si rapide et si dégoutant a mettre dans 8 ans …une normalité d’être fier a rester qu’un partenaire de cet normalité sur terre….

  25. Nj L says:

    hey the guy who plays even walker from the 5th wave plays in the new ring movie

  26. anonymous group says:

    It is said that one can suddenly die without any reason…
    for example I can die while typing this sente

  27. UponLegions says:

    be nice if all the damn horror movies that came out now-a-days wasnt ghost/ demon related, some originality for a fucking change

  28. M Wirick says:

    Can’t anyone in Hollywood come up with anything original??

  29. Jpay says:

    bye bye man looks worst. its like a candyman reboot with a worst name…

  30. Darth Swagger says:

    waaait a second, is the boy in that amityville movie Jerome from Gotham?

  31. Henrik Pedersen says:


  32. Vishal permanan says:

    were is the SAW8 TRAILER

  33. 12345gaterade People says:

    the last trailer is not a horror movie its just cool

  34. cheeze turtle34 says:

    SO you make a horror movie by repeating a phrase adding a monster or someone that is possessed cool Hollywood here I come

  35. kami-Lover brenes ruiz says:

    Who Is watching this video in the 13 of January 2017

  36. respectloossteef says:

    Does somebody know the background music?

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