Top 5 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES – 2016 – 2017 (OFFICIAL TRAILERS)

Top 5 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES – 2016 – 2017 (OFFICIAL TRAILERS)

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Top 5 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES – 2016 – 2017 (OFFICIAL TRAILERS)

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Rings | Trailer #1 | Paramount Pictures International

Personal Shopper Official Trailer – Teaser (2017) – Kristen Stewart Movie

Annabelle 2 Official Trailer – Teaser (2017) – Horror Movie

Terrifier 2017 Official Trailer HD

Split Official Trailer 1 (2017) – M. Night Shyamalan Movie


Nightmares – myuu

Intro and Ambient Background Music – for Look Now Tv

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50 Responses to Top 5 Upcoming HORROR MOVIES – 2016 – 2017 (OFFICIAL TRAILERS)

  1. Kamran Nuriyevv says:

    all hallows eve👍👍👍👍

  2. Olivia Plunkett says:

    Nice way to make 10 mins

  3. odeon macheteshits says:

    no you pushy kunt……dont tell me what to do………kunt

  4. Nessa 1Ø1 says:

    That clown is the scariest clown I’ve ever seen 😳

  5. Eliazbeth Guthrie says:

    I’m sorry bout our voice is scary, sounds like your about to murder someone

  6. Evan's Bass Fishing says:

    … I’m bored of your voice XD heh.

  7. Joél Läuchli says:

    dein englisch junge

  8. Carlos Perez says:

    Split is a thriller more than a horror

  9. The Storyteller says:

    Check out —> The Full & True Story About Annabelle The Haunted Doll – REAL Ed and Lorraine Warren Case Footage!

  10. Stephen Pike says:

    Title should be 6 upcoming HORROR MOVIES since your intro about subbing was creepy too.

  11. lol hey says:

    The storyteller sounds like a new epic horror game

  12. Jon Skull says:

    God dammit I’m sick of Kristen Stewart

  13. 느금마 says:

    which one is the one on the thumbnail?

  14. Alfiepuss1 says:

    Kristen Stewart is a BAD actress!

  15. TheFuronda says:

    All Hallows Eve was so bad that it scared me.

  16. Paul Herrmann says:

    make 2 min outro to get 2 ads, nice

  17. WalterLiddy says:

    The clown one is the only one that looks like a traditional horror movie.  The others all look like bland, generic crap that relies upon people moving unnaturally accompanied by bone-snapping sounds.  Repeating the same tropes in every ‘horror’ movie does not make them scary.  It has the opposite effect.  As for the Shyamalan project, I can already see McAvoy being nominated for a razzie on that one.

  18. Panic! At the twenty øne crybabies says:

    that clown one scared the shit out of me

  19. Pink Lion says:

    Am I gonna die in 7 days??

  20. th3azscorpio says:

    LMAO that Rings movie looks like shit!

  21. rbaleksandar says:

    Thumbs up if you think that the commentator at the beginning of the video sounds creepier than the characters in these flicks. LOL

  22. Daniel Bezzo says:

    How come I never heard anything about terrifier? that movie looks amazing

  23. Julio Urbina says:

    I think I shit myself (not)

  24. Marsonis2ya says:

    oh wait I thought on the second movie it was Kirsten’s Stewarts acting ability that was supposed to scare us

  25. Jim Mcmorgan says:

    Yes 7 days, SEVEN DAYS ….SHUT UUUUUUUP!!!!

  26. Wolfie The Gamer says:

    what happened to creativity when making horror movies , like "The Hitcher" I mean the dude made the whole movie based off a song that he heard on the radio while driving

  27. maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) says:

    How come today’s horrors are just jump scares with no real plot? The jump scares never even make logical sense anyway.

  28. Thenigger 27 says:

    Så du är svensk

  29. Angel Juarez says:

    I’m done Fuck clown movies! Who agrees

  30. James Kutch says:

    looks like somebody discovered the 10 minute ad revenue

  31. Jay Dillon says:

    These are all flicks I will end up watching even if they aren’t great.

  32. Dolph Ziggler says:

    NO one has talked about the shopper which isn’t a scary movie

  33. Airwoks says:

    Once I saw Rings I knew this would be a shitty list lmao

  34. rosyrose19 says:

    fuck horror movies they ruined the beautiful theme they only theme that played so well with viewer emotions NOT ANYMORE!

  35. Rockafella Fellad says:

    Visit watchfreemovies101 c-o-m if you want to wtach free movies online easily

  36. Jay Dillon says:

    "Believability" factor has to be high for me. Also "psychology". And timing. But I’m not SUPER picky.

  37. harry wales says:

    That cloun is fricking scary of all hallows eve age 18

  38. Carlos Lopez says:

    me dio sueño este video

  39. Thomas Meyer says:

    Hey pardon me sir I think you have the wrong car

  40. Bloody Gamer says:

    i don’t know why bit the clown one reminded me of ‘stitches’

  41. TheRealGunfish says:

    before i thart de veedio…

  42. Marcus Gustafsson says:

    you sond like a swidish guy

  43. asha dhali says:

    The split movie looks hella interesting!!!

  44. G.O.A.T jjom says:

    7:29 is not a horror

  45. Sophie Jenkins says:

    Yo that clown looks absolutely terrifying

  46. MarMar88 says:

    Haha, I thought the phone in Rings would be a cell phone, not a phone with a cord on it. It’s 2017, like wtf.

  47. FIREGIMER says:

    no im not gona subcribe for that voice was eretating

  48. qoni foisha says:


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