Top 50 Horror Movies of all time

Top 50 Horror Movies of all time

Top 50 Horror Movies of alla time.
The 50 Best horror movies-films.
My best horror movies.
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50 Responses to Top 50 Horror Movies of all time

  1. Ryder says:

    childs play should be on should The Blair witch should sinister,cabin in the woods,alone in the dark,jeepers creepers,alien,silence of the lambs,the sixth sense,leprechaun and more.

  2. Edgar De Guzman says:

    I was expecting for silent hill

  3. Essem says:

    You can’t count an entire franchise as one movie

  4. Noa Catalfo says:

    and the exorcist is boring

  5. Hy5teria says:

    Scream was fucking hilarious

  6. The crossbones gaming says:

    Oh come on this song the movie almost gave me a heart attack

  7. Alex says:

    how is called the song?

  8. doudou mouadna says:

    Oh my god i love those movies very verrrrrrrrrrrry much!!! wow

  9. sachiin raane says:

    omen dude !!! jeepers creepers … n many more r missed … n i doubt Apocalypto is a horror flick . 

  10. florence and ariana fan says:

    what about Annabelle the most scariest movies of all time

  11. Riley Raine says:

    You can’t go wrong with that theme intro to Halloween!

  12. Joe! says:

    I’m sure it’s hard to narrow it down but I believe the descent, quarantine, 28 days later, resident evil, jeepers creepers, darkness falls, event horizon, in the mouth of madness, sphere, the mist, and martyrs are better than some of these.

  13. Ben Wolf says:


  14. uktillidie1 says:

    How can you not like the exorcist one of the greatest movies ever,why do you you think they never made a remake cause you couldn’t top original a70s classic.

  15. Aleks Spacy says:

    Solely Apocalypto isn’t a horror movie but rather an epic adventure film…
    There are already some legendary horror movies like Halloween, Nightmare or Friday the 13th but crappy movies like Frozen and The hill run red case that not even in the top 1000 it would be with me …

    I know that it’s your top list, but a real horror fan knows that the two films are trashy.

  16. Essem says:

    That list sucked. The fact that you said The Eye was scarier than the Shining is dumb. You left out alot of good classics for trashy movies. Frozen isn’t a horror movie either.

  17. william spence says:

    Why is The Exorcist always number 1 on all of these horror movie lists? It is not even that scary. I fell asleep on that movie more than a few times. It is a very boring dry slow paced horror movie. And yet time and time again I see it as number 1.

  18. animezjayfan says:

    Omg the remak of the eye at number 2, really? Hahahahaha

  19. CrazyVegetarian says:

    nice list

  20. Ultron says:

    My list,

  21. The Electric Healer says:

    Bad list, not informed or researched properly. Do some homework and make another list, your heart is in the right place though!

  22. Bee No says:

    I saw numbers 47,41,39,31,28,26,22(kinda),18(all),13,12(all),10,7(all),6,2(all) and I only 10(almost 11) years old

  23. jessaprincepessa says:

    Martyrs, Jeepers Creepers, Suspiria, The Descent, Sinister, Funny Games, Cabin in the Woods, The Conjuring, Amityville Horror??? So many good ones missed…


    i like

  25. Lorde Fever says:

    You have Pg-13 crap like the messengers, the uninvited, and the skeleton key but you don’t have movies like Candyman, The Beyond, Suspiria, My Bloody Valentine, or The Burning?

    Geesh dude go watch those movies and fix this list.

  26. Dimitris Papadopoulos says:

    cujo ????????

  27. Ryan Fisher says:

    Apocalypto is not a horror movie

  28. Justin Osborne says:

    apocalypto is not a horror movie.

  29. Luther King says:

    Rose red??

  30. 24SparrowJack says:

    the ring is the worse horror film i have ever seen

  31. Michael Allen says:

    personally I would have put 10 cloverfield lane and don’t look now I love those. The exorcist is very overrated but I do enjoy it. If anyone agrees or disagrees I would like to hear your thoughts 🙂

  32. SGD017 says:

    Paranormal Activity is not in the list?
    It is one of the best horror films I have ever seen
    There are lot of horror films 
    Go dude watch these films in keep them in the list

  33. Falon Bosma says:

    Your list is BRILLIANT!!!  Definitely one of the best lists I have come across and I’ve seen many…you have impeccable taste 🙂

  34. Wang Bob says:

    I’m pretty sure You put Stephen Kings IT lower since it’s well known but dude I’m not sure that’s even a movie because it’s actually a television series like The Walking Dead and that movie doesn’t have any jumpscares or anything

  35. Vandosa SML says:

    Is all parts of Friday 13th is good

  36. Noa Catalfo says:

    Drag me to is bullshit

  37. David Fleming says:

    This is a joke! What about "The Omen," Jeepers Creepes," 1 and 2?  The hills have eye’s and Texas Chain Saw are not really scary films at all.  Halloween and The Exorcist films were good and so were the sequels… This top 50 is a joke. Sorry!!!

  38. samsquanch1996 says:

    my top 10 list:

    10) Inside (2006)
    9) Fright Night (1985)
    8) The Lost Boys (1987)
    7) My Bloody Valentine (1981)
    6) Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1990)
    5) Halloween (1978)
    4) The Evil Dead (1982)
    3) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
    2) The Shining (1980)
    1) Dawn Of The Dead (1979)

  39. De Gup says:

    Where is the thing,  martyrs, evil dead….mmm 

  40. sidi mohamed says:

    the only movie who deserves his place is The N°1 The Exorcist.

  41. Fredj Aziz says:

    Apocalypto is a history movie and not a horror one .

  42. reysify2 says:

    i don’t like exorcist

  43. MyTroll says:

    when youtube and facebook can no longer show the parts of the movies beacuse of to much gore that feeling well then i still like the 90S better it was bloodier that time

  44. Isaiah Sanchez says:

    Saw is not even scary all it is are traps

  45. Ultron says:

    10 Final Destination
    9 Resident Evil 3 apocalypse
    8 Saw 6
    7 The shining
    6 Saw 3D
    5 It
    4 The exorcist
    3 the grudge 2
    2 paranormal activity 4
    1!!!!! Blair witch project

  46. Mark McKinniss says:

    So many great movies left off here — one that really cried out for inclusion, though: ALIEN.  A groundbreaking classic, and a terrifying (at the time) movie.

  47. junior hogan says:

    U forgot every single black and white frigen movie
    Like Dracula
    The mummy
    Hitchcock movie besides psycho Vincent price films Boris karloff no christopher lee

  48. iampunitan says:

    i think it’s a good list – quick countdown and clear release dates – there are a lot of other films that i would put in my top 50 but this is not my list and as i have never put the time and effort into making my own .. i don’t have the right to criticize someone else’s – it’s very easy to criticize but harder to create – every top movie list on yt has got a boat load of comments about what should and shouldn’t be included , at least this one isn’t choc full of films that the creator thinks should be in there even if they don’t like it themselves e.g nosferatu or other pretentious cinema that just isn’t scary . we’ve al got different tastes and it would be a bit boring if we all shared the same opinions .. cheers mate i’m gonna watch no 17 Frozen in a min as i don’t know it ( but if it’s shit i am going to sue ya and call you a tit )

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