Top Horror Movies [2017] (Trailer/Teaser) HD

Top Horror Movies [2017] (Trailer/Teaser) HD

Here are my Top upcoming Horror Movies of 2017!
And again if you know other and sometimes better Horror Movies write them in the comments 🙂
0:02 The Bye Bye Man
2:34 Rings
4:56 Get Out
7:26 Annabelle 2
8:35 Insidious Chapter 4
9:34 The little extra

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16 Responses to Top Horror Movies [2017] (Trailer/Teaser) HD

  1. Anonymous X says:

    The Belko Experiment trailer looked great.

  2. Asha minecraft says:


  3. James Wæn says:

    Had issues with the last few seconds of some trailers/teasers.
    Hope its still ok 🙂

  4. sh a says:

    You forgot to add Terrifier to the list.

  5. Holly Davis says:

    get out is rasist way to make whites look like villians

  6. MattOkert says:

    just saw the bye bye man tonight, it was bad lol

  7. freeland256 says:

    get out looks original, cant wait

  8. Samm Rondeau says:

    wait…what the hells with "get out" …this movie sure is steppin on some toes…not gonna sit right with the audience …

  9. cristina niculescu says:

    I want to see Anabel

  10. Arthur says:

    conjuring 3 in 2017

  11. BlueBot Games says:

    Is get out offending the fact that marrying a different race is bad cause that’s sort of In my family

  12. Jasmine Kinnie says:

    patiently waiting on Get Out.

  13. REM says:

    where is the peepee poopoo man?

  14. Anna Kastnerová says:

    who went into the comments to be afraid of? 😀

  15. JalapanoMan says:

    bye bye man its kind of like sinister movie xd

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