Top HORROR MOVIES on Netflix for Halloween 2016

Top HORROR MOVIES on Netflix for Halloween 2016

My wide ranging list of some of my favorite horror gems on Netflix Streaming to get you in the Halloween spirit.

John Dies at the End (2012)
Hush (2016)
Final Destination 3 (2006)
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
Blade 2 (2002)
The Host (2006)
The Hallow (2015)
Starry Eyes (2014)
V/H/S Series (2012-14) Pt1 Amateur Night, Pt2 Safe Haven, Pt3 Parallel Monsters
Hellraiser (1988)
Deathgasm (2015)
Event Horizon (1997)
Jaws (1975)

**Also, in celebration of my one year channelversary, YAY**

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49 Responses to Top HORROR MOVIES on Netflix for Halloween 2016

  1. MovieJunkie ForLife says:

    Hush was excellent and I watch Event Horizon annually. It’s a shame it didn’t get more love when it came out. For me, it almost feels like a Hellraiser movie. Like that’s what it would be like inside the box.

  2. TypicalWhiteKid15 says:

    I love John dies at the end, all the books were amazing and the movie didn’t disappoint

  3. Jasmine Johnson says:

    I think in final destination 3 if you rented, when it originally came out you got to pick who died. They all still died though.

  4. Raven S says:

    Where is John carpenters THE THING

  5. poppy smith says:

    You have netflix usa…which seems to be good netflix uk is total shit with about 25% of us content padded up with utter crap for a higher subscription rate ….thanks Obama………………….

  6. antonio dlugokinski says:

    hush is on netflix

  7. Corgan says:

    I really like All Cheerleaders Die, super cheesy and funny.

  8. Nick Edwards says:

    these reviews and comments further let’s me know I live in a world full of pussy. You fools are scared of the dumbest shit! I wish I could get a budget for a film I’d have you all screwed up for life.

  9. Pokerface says:

    Aw, I’ve already seen all these. **sigh** I’m so bored.

  10. Chance Gibson says:

    Four other really great horror movies on Netflix are Holidays (I love horror anthologies), Last Shift, The Houses October Built (not a big fan of Found Footage style, but this movie really takes the cake) and Would You Rather

  11. Abigail Mader says:

    AWESOME VIDEOS! I love your channel and work! also, I have those awesome pumpkin lights as well. <3 thanks for the list

  12. Baxter Tribe says:

    the vhs parallel dimesions one was fn nasty.. but funny lol

  13. Lethal Affection says:

    no, do not watch Hush. youre wasting your time. no character development. no explanations. plot twist and only interesting element wasted

  14. Just KK says:

    Hush was ok for me, definitely overhyped by social media, but ok

  15. John Predaking says:

    Neeto list but we are watching Basket Case 2, the Gate and Possession 1981 with Sam Neil for this years Halloween.

  16. Carlos Rosales says:

    Are those gorrilaz figures on the top left instantly subed

  17. john guypal says:

    saw this man he got an insta like mad chill

  18. Nicholas Alvarez says:

    I love your videos dude I just wasn’t feeling this list. I feel like there are better horror movies on Netflix. I will say there are a few of these listed movies that would definitely be on my list (if I created one, lol)..

  19. HORROR ADDICTS says:

    Great list! I love the Final Destination films and The Host is awesome!

  20. Neil Dennis says:

    Nothing Sea World-esque there…that’s Sea World Orlando they filmed in.

  21. Mando Escobedo says:

    You speak super robotic or in a sort of rhythm that seems very unnatural in the first half of the video please take this constructively I’m not trying to hate

  22. Uni Yuki says:

    I tried to watch The Hallow one night but as soon as I saw the woman take the metal bars of the windows I noped out.

  23. Lisa Dooley says:

    you want something more messed up, watch the first human centipede.

  24. De Goya says:

    thanks for the great work. could you do a review about The Witch

  25. Lyly Bennett says:

    I thought "Wait, Hellraiser? I didn’t see that one on Netflix?… Oh, wait, Canadian Netflix, riiiiight…"

  26. Chad Roman says:

    Murder Party

  27. Dalton Morgan says:

    Hellraiser is no longer on Netflix is it? All I can find is the one from like 2014

  28. Colton Bockman says:

    Take some more time on each one instead of moving on to the next one before I have time to comprehend the first one.

  29. Marieke Hendriksen says:

    Hey there . connection Looks for me truly amfzing # pickup =]

  30. Whoawtf says:

    I always thought the sphere was a prequel to event horizon, because the sphere flies off into space at the end. I was legitimately surprised they werent related at all o.O

  31. Heroes of the People says:

    Hush is the best horror movie

  32. Devon Da Punk says:

    I like V/H/S: Viral the most out of the three. Honestly a lil upset that I was finished after that one…

  33. Being FRANK says:

    To many supernatural possession films….wheres 80s classic slashers….Hammer horrror….Universal horror……Slasher franchise Friday the 13th…Halloween…etc..all i can say thankful i have my own horror library.

  34. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    event horizon is a great movie would be awesome if they do a event horizon 2

  35. bossman dre00 says:

    Blade is not a horror movie

  36. moviegirl says:

    at least he’s in a different part of his house and not near his disturbingly large collection of pop figurines and the other side of Blu-ray movies (god you can watch movies on your smartphone now)

  37. GoldDude says:

    event horizon fuckin sucked

  38. Juan Solis says:

    i have watch all the balde movies

  39. GrizzlyJoeBass says:

    I’m sorry to be negative, but I literally just watched DEATHGASM ( not from this video’s recommendation), and it was one of the worst horror "comedies" i have ever seen in my life.

  40. Edgar Guerrero says:

    has anyone else watched ‘TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL’!? was a corny/awesome show they had on Netflix…binged the fist season and when I went back to watch S2..they had removed it. Anyways it was a better version of Dethgasm.👍👿

  41. Matt Osnap says:

    this is great thanks

  42. Yendor says:

    I hated Hush, lol

  43. Andrew Sepulveda says:


  44. Jimmy The Abyss Walker says:

    John Dies At the End the book(the original) was/is lightyears better than the watered down movie, V/H/S series is great real awesome horror done right imo except for Viral which was plain awful, The Hallow was ok & little known fact the fathe in The Hallow played Benjen Stark on Game of Thrones, Hellraiser 1& 2 are fucking classic & you can’t go wrong w/either movie, Event Horizon is still one of my favorite horror movies of all time & out of that beautiful movie came Dead Space 10 years later which the creators got inspiration from.

  45. Willie walker says:

    also circle, 13 sins, infected, and the invitation are all very good horror movies on Netflix thank me later 😉

  46. Bexy Cox says:

    I didn’t like hush it didn’t explain how the woman became deaf, why she was living in a forest on her own or very few people. Or why the killer wanted her dead or who the killer was, I just prefer horror movies with a story it makes it alot more interesting to me. Saw films will always be my fave n chucky.

  47. Hayvok 64 says:

    I love deathgasm

  48. rey ros says:

    i agree with you. awesome movies

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