Upcoming Horror Movies 2016-2017

Upcoming Horror Movies 2016-2017

Hey everyone !!! checkout the list of hollywood’s upcoming horror movies 2016 to 2017……..don’t forget to comment like & subscribe……enjoy !!!

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50 Responses to Upcoming Horror Movies 2016-2017

  1. Spikey Potato says:

    hey where’s minecraft at? probably gonna be the scariest movie of all time

  2. Mr.Cinniamon Bread says:

    ⓦⓗⓔⓑⓔ’β“’ ⓕⓝⓐⓕ?

  3. Hailey Jade says:


  4. Tricera kev says:

    oh ya!!!!!!!jeepers creepers 3!!!!!!!!i have been waiting for the third jeepers creepers for 5 years!!!!

  5. Isabella Rodriguez says:

    where’s Stephen King’s IT? πŸ€”

  6. anime fan says:

    Some of these look pretty good tbh

  7. Reyreyrey Gonzales says:

    Can i buy your channel for $60

  8. seffelinie van de buurt says:

    trick or treat 2 hyped

  9. boyceone27 says:

    I love hororr movies so that’s why I watch this

  10. Skateman304 says:

    You suck balls

  11. aj styles and balor fan says:

    the boy 2


    what music is this

  13. jose Garcia says:


  14. Samj Lopez says:

    Can’t wait to see child’s play 7 and jeepers creepers

  15. videorizing says:

    LUBBOCK, TEXAS AREA — 100 YEAR OLD 2 STORY RED BRICK COMMERCIAL HORROR BUILDING AVAILABLE TO HORROR FILM CREWS – REASONABLE RATE — each floor 1600 sq ft — vacant many years — on end of street – few cars go by– no pedestrians — lots of parking – building juts into large wide street.

  16. Nicholas Pascual says:

    Who said it was fine to bring unfriended back

  17. Fire Heat Art says:

    u forgot slender man and world war z

  18. Tony Nguyen says:

    to badi dont go to the movies anymore….horror movies suck at the theatres

  19. Alanna Crook says:

    it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!$$

  20. Eric Alvarado says:

    unfriended 2 looks like someone made an edit and covered half of the face of that girl from the first one

  21. NutellaIs Good says:

    you forgot the upcoming movie , slender man

  22. Skateman304 says:

    Real ones you don’t have any

  23. Marco Espinoza says:

    What about Jason

  24. Edith Gabel says:

    I’m so hyped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bluecat Munoz says:

    What the fuck that forgot slender man

  26. MΓ‘tyΓ‘s Kassay says:

    What?! Where is alien covenant and the new slenderman?

  27. The Joker says:

    can’t wait untill the 28 months later movie comes out

  28. harland tsosie says:

    can’t see theΒ  titles even with theΒ  area being transparent!

  29. ithe ash says:

    I’m a actor where is my movie upcoming in 2017 is name No home

  30. TheGamer TheGamer says:

    Am I the only one who wants another Jason Voorhees movie?

  31. anime_ guy says:

    guy childs play 3 its really coming because chuky said we will be friends to the end

  32. QueenGigi 02 says:

    Omg Child play 7 πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  33. Fredbro13 Fnaf says:


  34. Luis Antonio says:

    you forgot nightmare on elm Street, Friday the 13th, slender man, and uhh

  35. uMs B says:

    its fucked up there not making any more saw movies

  36. Leo Hernandez says:

    does anyone know when the ring 3 coming out?

  37. Joe Taylor says:

    yeah wheres the slender man movie

  38. Yudi Yushiro says:

    i hope friday 13 or haloween the new horror movie in 2016 or 2017

  39. The Zuzu bear show says:

    During the video I thought that the creepy girl was going to pop out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  40. Brooke Hoye says:

    Half of these’s are edits , for amitville the awakening , they put a picture of Ian from shameless on the top ..

  41. powers powers says:

    when i se fck first trailer jeepers creepers 3 ?

  42. microcowz says:

    CANT SEE THE TITLES with the add in the way.

  43. the boss360 says:

    Will they ever make Friday the 13th movie next year

  44. Elicia Cuellar says:

    some are proble fake because its not ouiji 2 its ouiji orgins of evil

  45. 2BA1000 says:


  46. Josh Poe says:

    The Forest already came out, like a year ago.

  47. jane lane says:

    Hopefully half of them are slashers I’m dying for some bloodbath

  48. One Shark says:

    Where’s the Slender Man movie

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