Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

2017 is nearly upon us, and it looks like next year is going to HUGE for horror! There’s the return of classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween, as well as a TON of new films. Check out my list to get ready for 2017!

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49 Responses to Upcoming Horror Movies 2017

  1. Sasha Kovlikova says:

    Breathe dude

  2. Joshua Shank says:

    Friday the 13th was scrapped.

  3. Yarsha Kadr says:

    I can’t wait for Transformers 5

  4. Gabriel Gal says:

    cant wait for saw

  5. Zerolimits says:

    You forgot elm street the conjuring 3 and cult of chucky

  6. Anthony McIvor says:

    Keep in mind another Chucky movie is on the rise it’s going to be called. "Cult of Chucky".

  7. Erin Mcdonald says:

    FoundFlix i cant wait for

    Annabelle 2
    Saw legacy
    Incidous 4
    Death house
    2016 horror movie (added myself)
    Get Out
    Bye Bye Man
    Keep Watching
    After The Letgercy
    Cure For Wellness

  8. Wendy Robinson says:

    I want Annabelle the funny thing Is its right after someone’s birthday in my family

  9. TheXStationMaster says:

    Saw Legacy

  10. Genevieve Vlogs says:

    Halloween Returns, Jeepers Creepers 3, IT, and Alien: Convenant

  11. GTA5 GAMERPRO says:

    friday the 13th

  12. James Field says:

    alien covenant boi

  13. Carl Walton says:

    Annabelle was utter shite same with Friday the 13th & Halloween remakes, originals were better. Maniac cop was pretty good didn’t think much of the 3rd one. Leatherface well is gonna be the same as the rest same storyline different actors. IT remake there’ve made pennywise look gay, pretty much these days is remakes & squeals. there’ve actually ran out of ideas for movies..

  14. Carolyn Sweet TheBoobWhisperer says:

    yeah theres no jason and halloween or leather face for 2017 maybe 2018

  15. Chicken Butt Butt says:

    jeeper creeper 3 and Halloween

  16. McBubble Gum says:

    SAW: Legacy ^_^

  17. Minatrea Chase says:

    why in the fuck would u talk about Annabelle and never once think to tell everyone about the new chucky movie!!!!!!

  18. billy Mclean says:

    Can’t wait for saw

  19. gkincaid4 says:

    i am hyped for the it remake

  20. Mėmė Leather face says:

    Leather face
    Is going to be the
    Best movie that’s coming

  21. Kaptain FoxBear says:

    did anybody else realise that Friday the 13th text in the video said "frday the 13th".

  22. David Chomicz says:

    so happy for It

  23. Nicholas Giordano says:

    love to see them remake ( what ever happened to baby jane )

  24. ThadTheGamer64 says:

    I hope they make a new chucky movie.

  25. MultiGhost141 says:

    Cult of chucky ??

  26. bonnie and chica YouTube channel 2 love says:

    im looking forward to Jeepers​ creepers 3

  27. veronica b says:

    Monster Nation , a book where a zombie can communicate with other zombies and he has his faculties and things like this. Kinda like Patient Zero.

  28. Mark miller says:

    Out of that entire list, only two are exciting to me alien:covenant and blade runner 2049

  29. Xkos darkness says:

    saw legacy wont feature jigsaws son because he died so im guessing its dr.gordon or adam

  30. Dixie May says:

    Jason meets Michael meets Chucky would be good!

  31. GMD Ctewzice274 says:

    No Final destination 6??? It`s an upcoming 2017 horror movie…

  32. Carlos Rivera says:

    Gods particle, A Cure For Wellness, The mummy and The Dark Tower sound really boring. I won’t be looking out for these movies

  33. sameer bedi says:

    exited for Annabelle 2

  34. Darth Yaoi says:

    Tom Cruise = BAD movie

  35. Bartek Żelaźnicki says:

    Cant wait for Deathgasm 2!!!

  36. Marcial Burciaga says:


  37. DOPE FRESH says:

    Friday The 13th remake was cancelled. I just can’t wait for Jeepers Creepers 3! I been waiting for years. But they always stopped the filming cause of the directors past. But FINALLY there gonna keep going on filming! Despite the petition they’re trying to stop the movie from being made.

  38. Amariusful says:

    most are "REPOIO"

  39. William Tarr says:


  40. dante davis says:

    Friday the 13th got canceled

  41. CrazyFish246 says:

    sad the friday the 13th reboot got cancelled

  42. LPS Unicorns says:


  43. Constitutional Bowsers says:

    rerun and racist crap horrible moives. Quit explaining lack of imagination and China now owns Hollywood what you get is crappie repeats of no new ideas thank you Hollywood for creating crap for the last 12 year’s or more only marvel comics bring more fantasy then Hollywood only because of a small group read the comic books.

  44. R.A.M. Hoorn says:

    Cult Of Chucky, Annabelle 2, IT, SAW Legacy, Insidious 4, XX, The Belco Experiment, A Cure For Welness, The Bye Bye Man, After The Latergy, God Particle, Alien: Covenant

  45. Sean Nana says:

    Go to watchfreemovies101 c-o-m to watch free movies online

  46. I love sml says:

    Honestly I’m kind of disappointed in the new look of pennywise

  47. Topfloor21 says:

    Saw would be so cool

  48. jakeylolyolo says:

    I think there making a new jaws

  49. Brock Vanzandt says:

    jeepers creepers 3 baby
    as well as friday the 13th leatherface alien:covenant and it

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