VICIOUS – Award Winning Short Horror Film

VICIOUS – Award Winning Short Horror Film

Viewing suggestion: Watch alone, in the dark, with headphones.

Vicious has won eight awards internationally, including Gold Award for Best International Film at Toronto After Dark and Platinum Award at the LA Horror Competition. It was nominated for a further seven awards, including Melis d’Argent at Molins in Spain.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch Vicious – I really hope you enjoyed it. I’ve been writing scary stories since I was very young and I am so excited to finally get the first of many ideas made into a finished film. I have many more scripts ready to go into production, including the feature length version of Vicious. If you’re interested in getting involved or want to get in touch please do at

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This film can also be viewed on Vimeo here –

Written, directed and produced by Oliver Park.

Twitter – @Oliver_Park / @ViciousFilm

Copyright Oliver Park.

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50 Responses to VICIOUS – Award Winning Short Horror Film

  1. anant agarwal says:

    anyone thought…
    staying in comment section would be safe

  2. Pranjal Saxena says:

    why such short films has a bad ending ? Seriously!


    At 12:56AM midnight in bus I’m watching this film with full sound in headset ( bus route : Bangalore to pondicherry )

  4. Faiz Akbar says:

    welcome to the comment places. you will be safe here

  5. Lulua Faizullabhoy says:

    I’m really scared

  6. Qvokal says:

    This was actually really good! RQ

  7. Mistey Gallagher says:

    girl you need a makeover

  8. Epsilon's Dilemma says:

    If something crawling up my bed like that, I would kick it in the face repeatedly, like Shia Labeouf trying to start his car in Transformers 3.. :/

  9. Mythili Rajendra says:

    I decided not to watch this thing……bye!!!

  10. Jessica _lovelies says:

    I jumped so high at 11:09 that I scared my rabbit and woke up my mom from the sound of my bed. thanks a fu*ken lot now I’ll have nightmares like FOREVER!!😭

  11. Courtney Henley says:

    Oh hell no. Started to watch and window looks too much like one in my room!

  12. Sophia Yezzi says:

    Hello?! yeah in here making a sandwich before I scare the living hell out of you.

  13. Kanmu_0 says:

    This chick made 4 FATAL MISTAKES
    1) house unlocked and she didn’t call the cops?!?
    2) yellin "hello" as soon as she entered alerting who or WHAT ever is in the house to her presence
    3) lettin her guard down and goin to sleep knowin damn well something is amiss
    4) leaving the room without the keys after the demon was crawling on her bed πŸ˜‘

  14. Digi191 says:

    One of my favorites Short horror film ever! β™₯

  15. Aisha J says:

    I’ve paused this video like 10 times as I’m too scared to watch. And I’m in my room, it is 2am πŸ™ƒ

  16. xavier415 says:

    When the demon was crawling on the bed it gave me shivers all over my body. Bitch say a prayer!

  17. Muhamad Hayat says:

    when blackout happens i was like, "oh no no no no no no no no shit shit shit shit shit shit. dayyyyyyyyyuuum shit!"

    screaming alone at 3 a.m

  18. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    I’m going fullscreen l, wish me luck.

  19. Park shin-hye says:

    I am not afraid.

  20. Misfit says:

    Hey, Go Check Out My First Short Horror Film!!! It’s Called Don’t Forget To Lock!! Don’t Forget To Subscribe, It’s Free!!!

  21. tamonettX500 says:

    Holy shit! I didn’t analyze it, just enjoyed it….and it gripped my heart Lol

  22. Kobomb says:

    Very well done! I loved some of the different type of shots used as well.

  23. Jankoney says:

    god now i need a tickle party.

  24. Madelyn Jones says:

    this is probably what my clean freak sister sees whenever I don’t pick up my clothes

  25. vhope trash says:

    murderer:i am here babe. *wave hand,knife in other hand*. I was waiting for you*evil smirk*

  26. Thomas says:

    I want to kill someone lol please like so I can get your IP address. Please

  27. Elizabeth Wise says:

    I watch a lot of horror flicks, and when I say a lot I mean that is the majority of what i watch. So I have been desensitized to the genre. But this short film was awesome! It kept my attention, was really creepy, and even made me jump at the end! Great job! I would of loved to seen this as a full length feature. That would of been awesome to be able to know how her friend died, what happened to make her a monster, etc etc. Loved it!

  28. Justine Brijmohan says:

    i would of broke the glass door in the kitchen to escape

  29. Ana L.A says:

    lol, the ending had me screaming! – jaii

  30. Tiarra Neal says:

    at least she knows that whoever that girl was wasn’t lying to her.

  31. Ares ĢhÒň says:

    So where is the award?

  32. Star Music says:

    Good job! I usually don’t get scared since I know when jumps scares happen but holy crum this scared me

  33. Zac Carmichael says:

    keep the friking lights on !!!! 😑

  34. Elizabetb Mckee says:

    great video! reminds me of some nightmares I had as a child! Especially the part where the monster was crawling up her bed! super job!

  35. Danny Bradley says:

    Hi, what type of camera was used to film this? thanks

  36. Mahendra Singh says:

    I am alone here in my room and watching this Short horror film. I am very scared. But wait what’s that black thing behind the window. She’s is comincvsxnjnxjwmsdznexndmzdzcch…………..

  37. Edgaras Salkauskas says:

    i would light my house on fire so they dont catch me in the dark

  38. Newfie Barrry says:

    Fuck this shit I’m out

  39. AlexandriaApple Lifestyle says:

    This was a good short film good job πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ½

  40. Eduardo N says:

    I don’t understand… Who is the monster? It’s Katy?

  41. sinister says:


  42. Libby Marsh says:

    the comments scare me more than the actual video

  43. HeyWatchYourMouth says:


  44. typowa hejterka says:

    Yall know that ppl say "hello" coz it can be her friend who just have keys or it’s a surprise party or policeman saw that the door was open and he was in this apartment.*YOU MUST TO SAY HELLO COZ IT CAN NOT BE A MURDER KK?*

  45. sarah burns says:

    Erm SCARY!

  46. Zoe is a Belieber says:

    AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!what the heck oh my gosh !!!!! ok im never watching that again !!!!!😦😦😦😦😡😡

  47. kim black says:

    THE fuckin BEST!.. I loved it from start to finish.

  48. FrnnkEducation says:

    IF any of these monsters are in your house, put in the earplugs and wait it out until you find the time to care.

  49. Ruby Croteau says:

    this actually scared the crap out of me! good job!

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