VICTIM – A Short Slender Man Horror Film

VICTIM – A Short Slender Man Horror Film

PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION: (WATCH IN HD WITH THE LIGHTS TURNED OFF!) This is a Short Horror film I made for my last college project in Creative Media Production, before I went off to University. We were given the chance to individually make a film of our own choice, of varied length and subject matter. My film is based around a teenage boy who finds himself being stalked by the mythical being ‘Slender Man’ over a period of days. It has been heavily inspired by the game ‘Slender’ by Parsec Productions, as well as many horror films I have been influenced by. It was awarded best short film for our year group, when shown at our student screening at the Duke of York’s Cinema, Brighton. Filmed on a Canon EOS 550D with both 18-55mm and 50mm 1.8 lenses used. Edited on Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 (Production Suite) Any likes, comments, or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for watching! – Eddie Adamson Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Eddie Adamson Starring Jake Holmes and Jordan Scott Music Credits: Stefan Fraser: “Alone” alonsospeed: Northaunt – “Night Alone” Dolomedes Threatening: “T U N N E L” “H O S P I T A L” “P R I S O N” “V I L L A G E” HORROR SOUND EFFECTS AND MUSIC FREE: Horror Movie – Jump Scare – Sound Effects (Read Description)(HD): Freesound:

Short Horror Movies Rating: 6/10

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50 Responses to VICTIM – A Short Slender Man Horror Film

  1. vVShellShockVv says:

    Reading the comments makes me realize that the world is full of pussies.. this was the longest 14 minutes ever 😒😴

  2. tuyen Tuyen says:

    it’s not scary at all

  3. Luca Cecchini says:

    slenderman has always creeped me the fuck out. this was a perfect compilation of all my biggest fears that I hated and loved at the same time. thank you!

  4. Luca Cecchini says:

    who needs coffee to stay awake when you have this

  5. Iga Macura says:

    Well done! Great atmosphere, nice shots and perfectly selected music!

  6. sikender hussain says:

    award winning. really?

  7. ankita sen says:

    why is he living in the woods all alone ??

  8. Mister Mister says:


  9. Smirky Shark4 says:

    bro this is Fri king amazing Omg 😀

  10. Milena Isabal says:

    when you see someone creepy standing in a distance in your direction with nobody around thats when you run back home lock your doors and grab something to protect you

  11. The Haunt filmshadowghost says:

    Interesting. Definitely had the right tone and mood. Check out the trailer for the micro budget but very effective Canadian psychological horror movie that my coproducer wrote/directed/edited. We have just started the marketing. Click the channel, if you like.

  12. kim black says:

    This is the longest short film in creation.. too long. I need a nap.

  13. Jennifer Muller says:

    Really good I loved it

  14. Hussain Jutt says:

    hiii frndz plzz do u like mee as a frnd just u tube nothinng else

  15. Ferzi Isayev says:

    Fkn idiot :3

  16. Mitch Bookey says:

    why not just sock that mother fucker right in the face

  17. kim black says:

    Would something happen already! Fuckin kill him or anything seriously.


    Great movie

  19. Igor Milosavljevic says:


  20. Sonali Rai says:

    Slender. That game scared the hell outta me. And so did this film. Really nice!

  21. Alexanderthetitan says:

    Super creepy!

  22. Khanh Linh says:

    How do you record all your sounds? I’m really interested in making films, i’ve made a few but the biggest problem with all of them is the sound since I usually record the sound after filming. Please please please reply

  23. its me says:

    pretty good. Its like a movie version of the slenderman game!

  24. ZITCH says:

    Nice and very spooky you scared me so many times

  25. R Es says:

    if i saw him? i will never ever ever ever ever ever sleep alone and left out alone. this short film deserves good evaluations. it’s cozy.. nice job 😁

  26. skelital pan says:

    but slender man only kidnaps children hens the term kIDnaping

  27. Archer Sterling says:

    I laughed when he fell down. It was funny.

  28. Praveen Kumar says:

    which software you used to edit this

  29. Margot Giaquinto says:


  30. RITA GONZALEZ says:

    Very talented in every piece and aspect of the film…..Loved the acting and plot!! Keep up the great work Adam….You, your staff, and actors were amazing!! Excited to show my son!! Look forward to seeing more of your work ……

  31. Meena Shehri says:

    It looks like no one else lives in this area
    All alone it has shown
    Very scary life like this would be strange and disturbing

  32. Salat Zar says:

    6:31 I think its Donald Trump

  33. Crafting Corner says:

    I wrote a really good story about a school break in but I want to turn it into a movie but that would be way too hard to make it look good

  34. Navneet Brar says:

    Where are his parents?

  35. motorbikebod says:

    nice, well done.

  36. Spitfire Disco says:

    some people may want to put this down but I’d surely Luv 2 see them try to make their own movie better!!

  37. Eddie Adamson says:

    For those interested, I have a new short horror film in the works, which we’ll hopefully be filming in the next few months! I’ll be uploading updates to this channel in the lead up to filming it!
    Thanks again for all of the comments!

  38. Ravi Knight says:

    Ag no.. not scary at all… tsk!

  39. SUPER STAR says:


  40. AnomalyFM says:

    genuinely made me nervous. The scene where the camera slightly tilted, intentional or not really added to the sense of something awry or distinctly wrong about the environment. I’m in no position to criticize with no formal attempts at film, but I think the scene with him on a computer could have been better edited. Just a tiny quip though. Overall, 9.5/10 and superb for a project.

  41. Pushpa M says:

    super film guys…

  42. End unit says:

    That was creepy, good editing 🙂

  43. zoran petkovic says:

    its FAKE !!!

  44. Sofia Franzese says:

    thin lip lookin ass

  45. XxFaceless GhoulxX says:

    Based on slender man? It is slender man. I disliked video cause it lacked originality.

  46. lukas weinecke says:

    Deutsche Hallo

  47. Mark Morley says:

    A great effort and wonderful camera. opening sequence shots eerie yet mellow, crisp and sharp. There’s an old saying we are all familiar with that goes sometimes less is more. A great contribution to amateur film. William was extremely blunt to the point of almost downright rude. We should be encouraging amateur film makers and offering ideas, not slating them – especially those who are trying to make a genuine effort.

  48. dragon knight says:

    why did he look while he read the warning to not look or he takes you

  49. praveen lloyd says:

    why go in woods…when u know u can be fucked

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