WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS – Short Horror Film – Scary Endings 1.10 – Season Finale

WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS – Short Horror Film – Scary Endings 1.10 – Season Finale

On a stormy night while babysitting her nephew Andrew, Aunt Brandy finds herself stalked by a clown who’s straight out of her nephew’s toy Jack in the Box. The circus has come to town…

Starring Adrienne Smith (We Can Be Heroes, The Babysitter and the Boogeyman), Guilford Adams (Parenthood, Modern Family) and Miles Chandler.

Written and Directed by John Fitzpatrick (Skypemare)

Cinematography by Nicholas Kaat
Edited by Brian Chandler
First Assistant Director: Damien Bodie
Key Makeup by Ericka Cho
Visual Effects by Jessica Chandler and DJ Summitt
Music by Aaron J. Goldstein
Special Thanks to Cerina Vincent

Produced by Brian Chandler, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, John Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Adam J. Yeend.

Turkish subtitles courtesy of +izmirli cimbomlu

“Welcome to the Circus” is the tenth episode in the “Scary Endings” monthly Short Horror Series.

Watch Scary Endings Season 2 starting with “The Nightmare” https://youtu.be/SpuWu_N62Ns

Scary Endings Series Playlist: https://youtu.be/C-zxiDJ6ziY?list=PLbgRgp1KKu8sYCSKvw4eMCvbx2yn1EzqY
Episode 9: “The Grinning Man” https://youtu.be/MPPpSq8XNeM
Episode 8: “U Get What U Deserve” https://youtu.be/SjtJIs3700o
Episode 7: “Smother Mother” https://youtu.be/RhW4nsPY73Y
Episode 6: “He’s Right Behind You” https://youtu.be/uDqh8Ey04yo
Episode 5: “Bounce House of Horror!” https://youtu.be/SgOZ1CvWWfc
Episode 4: “Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol” https://youtu.be/ThRMQ5UP4R8
Episode 3: “The Babysitter and the Boogeyman” https://youtu.be/ssFsb9HmDRo
Episode 2: โ€œVoyeurโ€ https://youtu.be/QjVbtKntWtU
Episode 1: โ€œWe Always Come Backโ€ https://youtu.be/C-zxiDJ6ziY
SKYPEMARE: https://youtu.be/hIFkut11Xpc

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47 Responses to WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS – Short Horror Film – Scary Endings 1.10 – Season Finale

  1. Dragon Paw says:

    im at 2:35 and if the kid and mom die i swear i will report this video

    jk but ima be real sad

  2. Surajit Mahanta says:

    Is this horror….They get married & what about her husband???

  3. DGNYRR says:

    Bitch listen the kid .. "dont go"

  4. Lesvia Hernandez says:

    clowns are scary

  5. kim black says:

    I am so super greatful that I have no phobia for clowns whatsoever. Now dolls (The sanctuary for all demonic spirits) those are my constant nemesis.

  6. gina Gina says:

    That is the scariest clown I’ve seen to date……

  7. Aleyson B.Hunter says:

    When I saw the red balloon, I can’t help thinking of one of Markiplier’s horror gameplay.. I think it was Office? or something along those lines…
    Is it just me?
    Ok then…. XD

  8. lorraine austin says:

    the crown was creepy

  9. loxar lol says:

    that was actually a happy ending XD

  10. Rajee Singh says:

    this is not scary its funny

  11. Nikola_124 _HD says:



    this movie not make me scare

  13. Laryssa Gamer says:

    OMG you dont scary me :3

  14. Horacio Fernandez says:

    maldito payaso lo voy a matar con una pistola

  15. ่ฟˆ้˜ฟๅฏ† SkiMane says:

    that clown bro. creepiest shit i’ve seen.

  16. sikender hussain says:

    that was fuckin funny๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Insert Clever Username says:


  18. Leslie Arnelle TV says:

    wow . this was so good!

  19. dylan armbruster says:

    Come on lol is this a joke?

  20. Yarleth Valens says:

    at the beginning the jack in the box scared the shit out of me

  21. tushar deb says:

    how the toy walk away

  22. crazy cow cow land says:

    lol he said "JACK IN THE BOX!" I like that reasturant even the curly fries an that song is from five nights at freddies

  23. Hal Emmerich says:

    Nicely done

  24. Laura Setepenre says:

    That clown was so damned awesome looking! Another great film, whereistherockhammer. Nicely done!

  25. Junior Leon says:


  26. Michael Joesph says:

    The way the clown said "Won’t you join us?" was somehow both funny and disturbing

  27. Daniel Carmona says:

    When you are a monster and you job is to kill people and scare them shitless but you start wondering "Good god I am not getting any younger hmmmmm.. I think its time to start a family"

  28. Gina Donald says:

    did she married a man or a clown?

  29. Kitty Cat says:

    Of Course scary things happen in a stormy thunder day

  30. Mr. Sandman says:

    Happy end:)

  31. David Gepting says:

    ded real omg

  32. PugArmy says:

    Happy ending? I would want to be an evil clown!

  33. Blimmo D. Clown says:

    See, she got married and shit! That creepy clown was the best thing that happened to her!

  34. NGP Productions says:

    wait, is the jack in the box the dad or what?

  35. Alejandro Goicochea says:

    Nooooo the ending was stupid but love it ๐ŸŒท

  36. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Okay that clowns voice is so weird but in a good and creepy way

  37. Kitty Cat says:

    ๐Ÿผ <—- this is Jeff
    he know karate he’ll kick you in the ass to get all the scary feeling out!

  38. George Ayvazyan says:

    Omg I am not scared of that, but that clown is scary AF…. gives me the chills

  39. James Del Rey says:

    that clown mask tho

  40. JamieVlogs says:

    can u show me a scary movie not a stupid one like this

  41. Kemal Durgay says:

    dont waste any time with watching this shit

  42. batgirl Ramirez says:

    wow that was scary

  43. Rajee Singh says:

    this not scary its funny

  44. Kuba Durek says:


  45. VoidPapyrus Swap says:

    omg scary!

  46. Lucy Whitesmen says:

    wow!!i love horrer pictures…n this was the scariest one…but 1 problem was there i.e the ballons were not looking real..But else everything was very scary…focused by u all tht is amazing..for a min.i just shocked n scred

    going to shout but my mum n sis is here only!!!:)will u make more pictures(short) like this,these actors only,plz!!!!:)

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