What if WWE remade classic horror movies?

What if WWE remade classic horror movies?

Watch Seth Rollins, The Bella Twins and your favorite WWE Superstars recreate iconic horror movie moments from Psycho, The Shining and other creepy classics. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://bit.ly/MobQRl

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50 Responses to What if WWE remade classic horror movies?

  1. Alfred Gaming/vlogs says:

    It’s actually funny

  2. Xavier Gong says:

    Back when dolph ziggler wasn’t a heel he was so good

  3. Alex Mendez says:

    he landed the paper 😰😰😰😰

  4. The aks' show says:


  5. prannoy chandra says:

    well its a little lame

  6. XxFWEXx says:

    0:46 damn did anyone notice he landed the paper to the right

  7. Tyler Combat says:

    The only thing that was scary was that Seth Rollins pulls of that paper flip

  8. Maribel Martínez says:


  9. ANDREA como TOY BONNIE GIRL says:

    seth rollins se rie como yo ja

  10. Sting Splash says:

    The only thing i was shocked at was Seth Rollins paper flip.

  11. Dzoni SA says:

    So this is what WWE has become…

  12. Pratik Paul says:

    what was that yellow liquid? ziggler’s piss?

  13. DieBobby's Zocken says:

    Paper flip

  14. The SilverKnight Warrior says:

    It would be funny if they put John Cena winning the world heavyweight championship

  15. Денис Захарія says:

    -I know what you did last SummerSlam
    -Of course you know! I lost to Finn Balor, but injured him during the match, so I made him relinquish that title.

  16. Abrar Al Zabir says:

    good job keep it up

  17. Elena Espinoza says:

    0:47 OMG he made it!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ke'aan Calloway says:

    seth rollins paper flip tho

  19. hi there says:


  20. Nykobie Stevens says:

    2:51 When Trump became President

  21. my name is hamza says:

    where is the undertaker??????

  22. Eli Stalgren says:


  23. Death Rage City says:

    Bray Wyatt approved Charlotte. She has his permission to spider crawl now.

  24. Linda Limón says:

    Land of paper

  25. wwe 056 says:

    so dolph peed

  26. DeleteDelete Delete Delete says:

    1:31 the fuckface

  27. Dinambroses Of Justice says:

    3.19 Dolph pee? lol

  28. SkyeShepherd says:

    I loved this it was hilarious lol

  29. TheGamingPuma says:

    Poor Becky : ( XD

  30. William Jackson says:

    The Dolph Ziggler thing was funny

  31. Selina Regino says:

    ok this is a little bit wierd but this is not scary its funny

  32. Enzo amore says:

    Seth landed that paper

  33. Aasia Masud says:

    can i get some likes my friend died

  34. Emil Mendoza2 says:

    dat paper flip by rollins tho

  35. Delsin Roblox says:

    0:45 paper flip wow I can’t do that

  36. Member berries says:

    If I were hornswoggle ill be like hell yeah😂

  37. Luke Plays Zombies says:

    This is kind of scary to be honest 😱

  38. Therandomcoyote 1456 says:

    damn the scream gets me everytime..

  39. Chelly Bachmann says:

    Dolph : What a baby.. HAA to Hot! I cant stop laughing 😂

  40. YES TO wrestling says:

    Charlotte is so athletic.

  41. Riffat Ibrahim says:

    That papper flip doe 0:43

  42. Nykobie Stevens says:

    0:24 Seth’s face is priceless

  43. steven Catlin says:

    That was not scary

  44. Bayley Lover says:

    Seth Rollins paper flip challenge OHHHHH MOM GET THE CAMRA OUT! 😂😂

  45. Coherence says:

    If WWE remade classic horror movies, it would be like porn without the porn.

  46. Snoop Dog says:

    Seth with dat paper flip doe

  47. Matheus Vince says:

    0:46 the paper landed

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